Easy Easter Dining Table Centerpieces

Colorful Easter Tabletop Decorations

Some of the most impressive Easter decorations are not found in stores. They are handmade creations that absolutely anyone can assemble or make. Best of all, they cost less than store-bought decor. Forget about buying ready-made embellishments. If you want to save money while decorating your home with something truly unique, consider these easy dining table centerpieces. They will add color and decorative appeal to your tables.

Create Cute Marshmallow Peep Decor

Marshmallow peeps are classic Easter candy, but they can be used to create unique dining table centerpieces. Line a clear straight-sided bowl with bunny peeps in an easter color of your choice. Fill the center of the arrangement with layers of candy-coated chocolate pieces in coordinating hues. Push clean faux flower stems into the candy. The treats will hold the stems in place in a delicious and eye-catching way.

Make Nests of Robin’s Eggs in Shallow Bowls

Robin’s nests containing beautiful blue eggs are iconic of the Easter season. When looking for easy dining table centerpieces, consider making robin’s nests. Line shallow bowls with natural shredded wood fiber. Fill each nest with two or three blue malted milk eggs of the appropriate size. They will look too pretty to eat.

Display a Clear Vessel of Dyed Eggs and Faux Gerbera Daisies

Do you enjoy dyeing eggs? Consider experimenting with berries and other natural dyes. Gently place an array of colored eggs in a clear glass trifle bowl or another transparent vessel with straight sides. Use the bowl to display beautiful faux gerbera daisies in colors that coordinate with the eggs. It will make a gorgeous Easter dining table centerpiece.

Fill a Painted Wire Basket with Painted Pine Cones

Pine cones are not just for the winter holidays. They are perfect for Easter, but only after they have been painted in pretty pastel hues. Begin by coating a wire basket with primer and spray paint for metal. Spray paint enough pine cones to fill the basket. Create two or three baskets of Easter pine cones to use as dining table centerpieces. They are ideal for those who want to display something other than traditional candy or eggs.


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