4 Tips to Set an Elegant and Easy Easter Table

There’s something perennially fresh about spring decor. Maybe it’s the spirit of the new season, or the celebration of color and new growth after the icy winter palette of whites and grays. This year I’m dreaming of a sophisticated and splendid holiday table that utilizes the most up-to-date spring decorating trends while still maintaining a style that’s simple enough for my taste. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

Go Natural

“The organic trend in decorating is still going strong,” says Robin Zachary, tabletop stylist and contributing home editor at Bridal Guide Magazine. To create an appealing center tablescape for an Easter table, Robin suggests layering the bottom of a pedestal bowl of domed cake stands with fresh green moss, which you can pick up from a florist or craft supply store.

“Place a tiny bird’s nest filled with color-dipped quail eggs that you can buy or make yourself,” she suggests. “Perch a little butterfly on the edge, then surround the nest with twigs and little buds of freshly snipped pink or purple flowers for a finishing touch.”

Short on time? Shop for ready-made faux floral centerpieces that celebrate the season instead.

Zachary suggests textured natural fibers like seagrass and hemp for runners and placemats, coupled with table linens of a bamboo-cotton blend.

“The neutral, earthy tones of tan and ivory create a blank canvas for colored plates and glassware,” she says.

Capture Color

We can always count on pastels to striking an appropriately fresh note for spring and Easter decor.

“I love pastels for spring,” Zachary says, noting dinnerware patterns that celebrate these colors, including the Lenox French Perle and Butterfly Meadow lines. The French Perle pattern, in exquisite shades of ice blue, violet, pistachio, and white, can anchor the color palette of your table, while the Butterfly Meadow pattern combines butterflies and florals in a charming fashion.

But what about Pantone’s 2015 color of the year, Marsala? The rich wine-red-with-brown tone is undeniably darker and more neutral than some of Pantone’s previous choices (Radiant Orchid for 2014), so does the colorwork with fresh and stylish Easter tabletop decor?

“Most pastel colors would work well with Marsala,” Zachary says, “but I recommend that you wait until late summer or early fall to work it into your table decor in a grand way.”

Check Out Easter Colors

Hop to It

When it comes to setting an Easter table, the bunny-themed decor is never out of style. Make an elegant nod to the Easter Bunny with a set of rabbit salt and pepper shakers in the Lenox French Perle pattern, or incorporate a more natural feel with rabbit-inspired salad plates. Use bunny decor as an accent in conjunction with another theme, or use it as the star of the table — anything goes!

Go for the Gold … or Silver

While gold continues to be a trendy metallic color for fashion and decor, Zachary says she’s seeing about 50/50 use of gold and silver for table decor.

“I am seeing an increase in gold flatware,” she says, “but tableware brands are offering both gold- and silver-embellished options in the same pattern for dishes, glassware and decorative accents like vases and frames.”

Looking to the future, Zachary adds a spoiler alert: “You will see copper on the rise in the coming seasons.”

So if you want your Easter table to take on a truly cutting edge appearance, perhaps you’ll opt for copper as your metallic color of choice to accent your decor.


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