Easy Decoupage Tips and Tricks

Decoupage is perhaps one of my favorite past times, as I love nothing more than taking old wooden objects and transforming them into one-of-a-kind works of art to display in my home or give as gifts to friends and family. This form of paper art is incredibly easy and simply involves collaging together paper scraps on a surface. While decoupage only has to involve gluing down scraps of paper and sealing them with Mod Podge or a similar clear-drying medium, this simple, straight-forward method can be improved to look even better by incorporating details and other mediums. I have collected these tips and tricks after several years of decoupaging everything from wooden boxes to dressers, and they can easily be added to your projects to make your finished project look like a true art piece to be proud of.

Layer Your Papers

I love adding depth to my decoupage projects by layering my paper scraps and ephemera on top of the first layer of paper I have glued down. After covering your surface completely with paper, choose areas to glue down additional layers or paper embellishments to give the project dimension. Paper cutouts of images such as butterflies or flowers are excellent for layering, though the sky is truly the limit. Add as many layers as you see fit, but be sure to leave some areas only covered with the original layer showing through.

Add Other Mediums

You can easily add detail to your decoupage by incorporating other mediums on top of the paper before applying the final coat of Mod Podge to seal the project. Acrylic paint and glitter are two of my favorites, though I have also used ink, wax, and colored pencil. Use a glue stick to apply loose glitter over a paper cutout of a rose, paint on intricate design, write out a quote with ink or use the other mediums in any other way you can think of. There are no rules when it comes to decoupage.

Incorporate Embellishments

Once I have sealed off my project with a few coats of Mod Podge, I like to add three-dimensional embellishments as a finishing touch. Ribbon, paper ephemera, bottle caps, fabric flowers, beads, and metal fragments have all been featured in my work. You can find a huge selection of amazing embellishments at craft and scrapbook supply stores. Embellishments will add flair to your project and give it an entirely new look once completed.


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