Essential Colors of French Country Style Decor

Color is the most important element of the decor of a room, as it serves as a foundation to build the rest of your decorating. If you are seeking to give a room in your home a French-inspired makeover, it is essential that you use classic, French-inspired colors in your decor. Whether you are planning to give your living room a feminine, French Provincial theme or give your kitchen a taste of the French countryside, these colors will transform your home into a lovely, French-inspired space you love spending time in.


Blue is perfect for both country and contemporary French-inspired home decorating. Soft, gray-toned blues are great for a feminine, romantic bedroom; while richer shades of blue will reflect the blue used in the French flag for your living or dining room. Gray-toned blues are some of my favorites, and I use white and gold as accent colors for a feminine, French Provincial look in my decor. When decorating with darker shades of blue, I find red and gray to be excellent accent colors to really make the blue pop.


Yellow is an excellent gender-neutral color that will brighten your home and reflect the natural light coming in through windows. Because of this, I recommend using yellows in kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. Soft, butter yellows are perfect for giving your kitchen a French cottage-inspired look, while saffron shades will give your living room a look that reflects the fields of the French countryside.


For a rustic French-inspired room, rich gold will mirror the look of the French countryside, while pale gold will give the room a classy, Baroque inspire look fit for a queen. Gold is one of my favorite accent colors, as it can be paired with virtually any color to create the look you want. Gold looks wonderful with white, blue pink, and red alike.


Pink is a classic feminine color, and it will evoke thoughts of Paris in any room in your home. A creamy pink alongside gold and ivory accents is perfect for using in a bedroom or living room. Pink also coordinates well with green, white and brown.


Soft gray paired with rich blue will create a relaxing atmosphere for your living room or bedroom, and pale gray mixed with sage green is perfect for a French garden-inspired bedroom. Gray can also be paired with pink for a modern, feminine French look, or with red for a more masculine modern look.


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