Essential Oils in the Jacuzzi

Jacuzzis and spa baths are extremely popular and beneficial to the health. Most people don’t realize that you can introduce essential oils into the Jacuzzi for an even more relaxing and beneficial experience.

Pure, Essential Oils

Because of the heat and water circulation, using essential oils in the Jacuzzi is one of the best modern ways to use these oils. Just remember to only use pure essential oils, not fragrance oils or blended oils. If the essential oils are blended with a carrier oil, it can clog your pipes because of the fat content of the carrier oil. Pure essential oils, on the other hand, will evaporate without clogging the pipe of your Jacuzzi.

Phototoxic Essential Oils

If your Jacuzzi is outside or in the sunlight at all, refrain from using sun sensitizing essential oils. These essential oils will cause the skin to be more sensitive to the sunlight causing sunburn and skin damage much more rapidly. Phototoxic essential oils include angelica, dill and citrus essential oils such as orange, lemon, grapefruit and lime. If you are unsure about the phototoxicity of certain essential oils, it’s best not to use them or thoroughly research them before adding to your Jacuzzi.

Sensitive Skin

When adding essential oils to your Jacuzzi, make sure you take into consideration anyone with sensitive skin. If you will have others in the Jacuzzi, use only essential oils that do not irritate the skin. Some good choices include lavender, Neroli and ylang-ylang essential oils. These are gentle enough to be used on all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Adding the Essential Oils

The best way to add essential oils to the Jacuzzi is to wait until it’s completely filled and then add ten-twenty drops of your selected oil to the water. Do this just before you turn on the jets in the Jacuzzi. The amount of essential oil you add to the Jacuzzi will be dependant upon the size of the tub. If it’s just a small whirlpool, five-ten drops should be sufficient. However, a large Jacuzzi that can hold several people may need up to twenty drops. You will never need to add more than this.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to add too much of the essential oil to the Jacuzzi. This is not only wasteful, considering the cost of essential oils, but also can irritate the skin because of the extreme concentration of the essential oils.

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