3 Creative Ways to Use Eucalyptus in the Bathroom

Decorating with Fragrance

Eucalyptus seems to magically clear the nasal passages when the oil is particularly pungent and the vapors are inhaled at close proximity. It is also a fabulous natural air freshener that can be used in a number of decorative, useful and practical ways. It is a phenomenal choice for the bathroom. Whether the branches are fresh or dried, the oil will continue to fill the space with fragrance for days on end. You can use it to clear stuffy noses, beautify the space and freshen the air.

Create a Gorgeous Fragrant Wall Hanging

A wall hanging does not have to cost a small fortune or come from a store to make a positive impression. When looking for creative ways to use eucalyptus in the bathroom, consider making a simple wall hanging. Use narrow craft wire or twine to combine several branches, and hang it on a nail or hook above the towel bar or commode. It does not have to be arranged in the form of a wreath to make a dramatic statement. A simple spray of branches against a bare bathroom wall will look and smell fabulous.

Create an Invigorating and Refreshing Spa Shower

When you are feeling under the weather, consider taking an invigorating and refreshing shower with fresh or dried eucalyptus branches. Bundle four or five sprigs using natural jute twine or cotton string. Hang the bundle directly over the showerhead, and take a long hot shower. The scent will soothe your senses and naturally clear your sinuses. The bundle will continue working to fill the room with fragrance for weeks on end.

Display a Vase of Eucalyptus and Floral Branches

Eucalyptus branches can also be used in the bathroom decorating scheme. Consider making it the theme of the space. It is a unique alternative to the usual subjects that people choose for the bath. Begin with a vase of eucalyptus and faux floral branches. Use the photo as a guide, or come up with your own idea for an eye-catching arrangement. Select the color(s) of the blooms and the vase according to your scheme of choice. When decorating with flowers and foliage of any variety, absolutely every hue coordinates with eucalyptus green.


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