Evening Shawls… A Night Out Fashion

Special nights require special wardrobes, and evening shawls can impart that touch of elegance on your fashion look that no other single piece of accessory can.

Whether you’ve got tickets for the Opera or a Broadway Play or scheduled to attend a formal dinner or function, one of your primary concerns would be the way you look. In such affairs, being over-dressed is rarely an issue. In fact, one of the advantages of a shawl is that it can bequeath you a feeling of security and confidence as it wraps you in its warmth, and at the same time projecting an aura of class.

Perfect combination

Evening shawls are best worn over dark-colored garbs, preferably black. Dark-colored clothes go with bright colors; hence your pieces should be as such. If you have to wear light colored clothes, avoid wrapping yourself with light-colored accessories as they wouldn’t serve the purpose of providing highlight to your get-up.

Top picks

Although evening shawls are exceptionally versatile accessories, there are those that are more highly favored than others. For example, silk pieces adorned with beads are hands down one of the top picks. During winter, a velvet piece with a fur trim can serve the dual purpose of providing you with the necessary warmth and that look of royalty. Long designer scarves with satin trims can give any attire that dash of elegance that will no doubt be enough to make heads turn. For a stunning statement, silk burnt velvet pieces with subtle colors that seemingly shimmer as light reflects off the velvet should do the trick.

Versatility and practicality

The versatility and practicality of evening shawls cannot be overemphasized. You may pair them with any formal attire, not to mention that they may be used with any casual wear to up the ante many times over. You may fold one neatly and tuck in your bag, ready to be taken out anytime the situation calls for it. You can bring it out when the night suddenly becomes too chilly for comfort.
It can also serve as a ready reinforcement if you want to change your look significantly; either because you’ve ended coming in under dressed or simply because your attire is just too similar to somebody else’s. And then anytime you don’t need it anymore, you can easily fold and hide it in your bag again.
If the piece is made of silk, it can also temporarily cool the skin since silk is a good absorber of moisture. This runs contrary to the popular belief of it being a warmer.

Points to remember

There are some things to bear in mind when you choose to use a shawl as part of your evening wear. Don’t forget to bring a purse to put it in when the night gets warmer or when you simply want to get rid of it. It would be very inconvenient to carry it around or leave it on when the air does get warm.
In choosing a piece, make sure you have the right size. If this is not possible, a rule of thumb is that a larger than ideal would be better than a smaller one.

Summing up

With evening shawls, you don’t have to worry much about what to wear on a special night. They match with a lot of outfits; practically all of them. It’s versatility, practicality and the substantial positive effect it can have on your attire is unmatched by any other fashion accessory. It is therefore advisable to have some in your closet. Aren’t we all just glad that one piece of cloth can already spell the difference between an underdressed attire to a head turner?


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