How to Use Fabric Spray Paint to Improve Home Furniture

Fabric Spray Paint for Your Old Furniture

Some products let us down, though, when it comes to performance. Dyes often wear off onto clothing and skin, making dye jobs one of the least favorite ways to cover up unsightly stains and such.

New products are being created every day, giving consumers more and more choices in dyes and stains for everything from wood to cloth. As a matter of fact, there are even spray paints out now that can successfully cover upholstered furniture.

These sprays are not the same thing as fabric paints, used to make cute designs on tee shirts. Instead, these paints are used like any aerosol spray paint and are sprayed directly onto just about any fabric. When furniture or car seats get a stain that won’t come out you no longer have to worry about the costs of upholstering or of hiding the hideous stain.

To use the fabric spray paint for home or office furniture, remove cushions and spray them separately. Shake well and use a sweeping motion, as with other aerosol paints, to spray the sofa or chair. Light color paints on dark cloth may mean you’ll have to spray it more than once. Dark-colored paint on a light cloth means only one or two coats are necessary.

The cost to do a sofa is about fifty bucks, the cost for a chair, even cheaper. Compared to upholstery prices that’s very inexpensive. One drawback is that there aren’t all that many colors from which to choose, compared to how many designs and colors you can choose from when it comes to having something upholstered.

The paints are fabulous on auto seats as well. Cover any glass, metal, or decorative pieces, then spray as you would any other spray paint. Be sure to push seats forward – if the car is a two-door model, to paint the area where the back meets the seat.

The fabric spray paint is so easy to use, and so soft when dry, that many people simply use it for designing tee shirt prints. Spray-on stripes, a faux tuxedo design, or just about anything else. You can use stencils, real objects, and things just found around your house. Lay the item onto the shirt and spray the shirt. Remove the item and the shirt will be the original color underneath. The paints are very helpful when coloring a large portion of the shirt.

It’s sometimes difficult to find the paints in the real world. Try looking at automotive stores or department stores – even craft stores. If you don’t locate it in your home town you can definitely find it online.


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