5 Secrets to Fabulous Family Photographs

The internet is littered with “perfect” family photos, making it seem like it is easily attainable for the rest of us without the mythical “perfect” family. Our children get anxious, our significant other is uncomfortable and we’re so wrapped up in the stress of getting that one perfect shot. Fortunately, with the right information, anyone can have gorgeous family photos. Here are five secrets to beautiful family photographs.

Love Your Photographer

Beautiful photos start with the photographer, not the family. If your photographer is less-than-enthusiastic, or even capable, of creating memories for you, then they’re “not the one.” This is one of the best kept secrets to beautiful family photos. Take the time to browse portfolios, get recommendations and find a photographer who creates the look that fits with you and your family.

Trust Your Photographer

As hard as it is, sometimes it is best to let go of control and simply trust your photographer. If you fell in love with their work, their style, then let them do what they do. They didn’t get that way by letting their clients tell them what’s what. Let go, trust your photographer!

Remember, your photographer is a professional, and more importantly: you picked them for a reason! So, don’t be afraid to work with them. Ask for recommendations on outfits, locations and any other questions you might have. Chances are, they know what works-and what doesn’t.

Create Your Own Photos

It’s a great idea to look online for inspiration, but that’s where it should end. Inspiration, not recreation. It is a bad idea to try and recreate someone else’s photographs. Instead, aim to create your own beautiful shots. Let your family be themselves, not someone else’s family. The more comfortable they are, the better the photos will turn out.

Location and Lighting

Deciding between indoor and outdoor shots can be tough, but it’s actually very dependent on the weather. Many people are under the misunderstanding that a bright and clear, sunshiny day is the best for photographs. In reality, a cloudy, overcast day is best. In broad daylight, people look washed out, children squint their eyes, the list is endless.

Overcast days create beautiful, even lighting that is excellent for family photographs. If possible, plan ahead to have a backup day or time if you are absolutely set on outdoor photographs. Otherwise, be ready and willing to compromise.

Shooting with Children

If you have children, be sure to keep them in mind at all times. It is no secret that children have a short attention span. For younger children, consider bringing along a favorite toy or other item to capture their interest (or ask your photographer for recommendations). Try to keep sessions short and sweet, and get straight to the point. Avoid overly planned poses and go with the flow. Your family will thank you for it, and your photographs will turn out more beautifully with relaxed, comfortable people with happy, smiling faces.

Picture perfect family photos are entirely attainable. It just takes some minor planning, finding the right photographer and going with the flow. A happy, comfortable family takes beautiful photos!


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