Best Family Room Wall Mural Ideas

Stenciled Designs, Custom Decals and More

Second to the kitchen, the family room is often the most popular space in the home. It is where family and friends gather for visiting and enjoying various forms of entertainment. It should be warm, comfortable, and welcoming, and it can include unique wall murals that add visual appeal and style to the decorating scheme. They do not have to be the usual peel and stick variety or painstakingly detailed works of art, but they can be highly unique and absolutely amazing.

Create a Giant Built-In Wall Clock

If you want something truly unique when decorating your family room, consider an oversized clock that will take up several square feet of a single wall. Clocks are available in all sizes, but those that are truly unique are handcrafted. Add a giant built-in wall clock instead of something ordinary. Use stencils to create numbers or dots, or use smaller works of art to represent the numbers. Half sphere globes, fish bowls or planters are ideal, but many more options exist. Small round wrought iron works of art are also a fantastic option. Wall clock kits can be purchased online, and some are all-inclusive. Search the Internet to discover a countless variety of options that are ideal for a family room.

Paint a Family Tree and Add Framed Photos

A family tree is ideal for a family room wall, and it can be made into a beautiful wall mural that includes photos. Peel and stick trees are available, but they are not necessary because basic trees are very easy to paint. Consult a photo of a leafless tree, or draw it freehand with a pencil before painting it on a wall. It does not have to include lots of details. A silhouette is enough. Create as many limbs and offshoots as necessary to include the entire family on the tree. After the paint dries, hang framed photos over the branches to complete the wall mural.

Add a Custom Wall Decal of a Favorite Vacation Spot

Peel and stick wall decals can be unique, especially when they are custom made from family photos. Shop online for custom wall decals, and submit a picture of a favorite vacation spot. It can be turned into a beautiful wall mural. It will look outstanding, and it will generate beautiful memories while beautifully decorating a bare family room wall.


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