Fashion & Style – Get Inspired by Rachel Green (FRIENDS)

Rachel Green, the leading FRIENDS lady has carried a style of her own for almost a decade. Jennifer Aniston commences the series as a spoilt Dad’s girl, but eventually develops as a successful business woman by its end. Her intrinsic love for shopping led her to the fashion industry, primarily at Blooming dale and then at Louis Vuitton. Being the most stylish character of the series and has certainly popularised many 90’s trends like woven blouses, knee-length boots accompanied with minis, mock turtlenecks and chambrays.

Conceivably, Rachel’s greatest contribution to 90’s was her flippy step haircut, judged “The Rachel”. Girls from all over the nation carried in the picture clipped from tabloids to mimic in hair parlours. Further in the series, Green works in the fashion world and shifts to business casuals. Green becomes a mom in the 9th season and fashion again reverts to a little more relaxed and casual sense. Regardless of the season, the lady struck the perfect chord between eternal and modern fashion.

Rachel Green’s fashion evolved all through the series, but certainly remained steady with her stylish and fashionable aesthetic. Read below for a note on some of her memorable looks.

The Initial Days

In the first few seasons of the series, Rachel holds a job at the coffee house. She shows offer her persona in stunning minis, denim skirts, floral shirts, cropped blouses, chambrays, denim bests, woven shirts, floral dresses and more. Since that time, the character has gained recognition and popularity. No matter her hair was down or up, her face always had those piecey long flicks. The uber trendy look of donning denim on denim was a hats off. Complete this look with Rachel-esque pair of clogs and hoop earrings.

Business Chic

Rachel worked in the corporate segment too where the dress code was somewhere in between business causal and business professional. These outfits proved to be timeless and would even go well with today’s fashion.  Her business attire included neutral shades which made her look absolutely feminine and stylish. The figure-enhancing pencil skirts and body-fitting blazers with a dress shirt and elegant scarf completed her look. Up Rachel’s style by allowing a lacey camisole to peep in through! Beige pumps supplement the dress well.

Nightlife in the Town

Many times in the series of our favourite show, FRIENDS visited to fancy events such as banquets, awards show and fundraisers. Amongst Aniston’s top specs lie her well-toned arms and beautiful collarbone. Rachel adorns sleeveless attires, possibly to highlight these specs. She opts for well-fitted, basic shades (usually black) for official occasions. A definitive black cut dress is what you call a Rachel dress. It is perfect attire for almost any occasion. She teamed it up French twist spin and her makeup was always subtle.

Casual Fashion

The elite fashion of skirt with knee length boots has gone so popular over the last few years. Although this style could look a little outdated today, but as far as the skirt few inches above your knee and boots are of average height, the combo looks chic and classic.

Sexy Mama

The 7th season brings an unexpected pregnancy of Rachel with Ross’s baby. No matter, she devoted much of her time to the newborn, but she never lost her fashion charm. Rachel shifts from her casual skirt and heel casuals to boot cut denim, graphic t-shirts and henleys. Her dress shades also got brighter, simultaneously.

Your Say!

Have you watched FRIENDS growing up? Was Rachel Green your favorite character? Which style of her do you adorn the most? How do you see Rachel’s style in the show and her transformation over the years?


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