Feminine, Bold Home Decorating Ideas

If you are a single woman living alone seeking to express your edgy, girly side through your home decor, a bold, feminine theme is an idea to consider. Bright colors and wild prints can be combined to show off your personality and transform your home into a paradise that you love spending time in. Here are some ideas to help you get started on your bold, feminine home decorating.

Bright, Feminine Colors

The colors that you use to decorate your walls are an essential part of your home decorating, as this will provide you with a foundation to build upon to influence the rest of your decor. Hot pink, bright yellow, rich turquoise and vibrant orange are some bold color options for you to consider. You can combine two colors together for an extremely edgy look, or use just one color to keep your decorating more simple.

Wild Prints and Patterns

Wild prints and patterns will stand out against your vibrant color scheme, and give your home an extremely bold, feminine look. Zebra print, cheetah print, polka dots and colored damask are examples of feminine prints and patterns you can incorporate into your home decor. There are several ways you can use these prints in your decorating. Patterned throw pillows or lampshades will add a more subtle, while still wild touch to your home, while patterned furniture or wallpaper will make your home look extremely bold and adventurous.

Unique Lighting

Add a funky twist to the lighting in your home by incorporating various types of unique lighting throughout your home. Paper lanterns, twinkle lights, string lights, and ornamental light fixtures are several different types of lighting you can consider using in your home to add a bold twist and make space seem brighter.

Fun Wall Art

Think beyond picture frames and band posters and mix up your wall decor in a unique, feminine way. Printed scrapbook paper, pop-art prints, vintage movie posters and oversized fans are just a few bold additions you can make to your walls to make them seem less empty and boring. Wall clings are another great choice, as these are easy to add to your walls and easy to remove if you ever decide to change your decor scheme.

Area Rugs and Curtains

Brightly colored area rugs and curtains will tie in with the rest of your theme and will make your space feel homier. For an extremely bold look, use rugs and curtains that are printed or patterned. For a more subtle look, opt to use solid colored ones. To make your curtains seem more decorative and less practical, purchase ornate curtain rods and tiebacks.


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