Practical Ways to Find Room for Storing Baking Supplies

You Can Make Space in Your Small Kitchen

Those who love to bake might find themselves without enough room for storing baking supplies when moving from a home with an ample kitchen to one with barely enough space for necessities. If you want to continue preparing baked goods, candy, bread, or anything else desired, you can find a place for everything required. Even if cabinets are greatly lacking, it is possible to store it all, and without creating a jumbled mess. Use these creative and practical storage solutions, and transform a kitchen of any size into a baker’s dream come true.

Utilize the Space beneath the Sink for More than Cleaning Supplies

The cabinet beneath the kitchen sink is not usually used for storing anything but cleaning tools and solutions. Just because it hides the pipes does not mean that it must be used for utility purposes. Clean it out from top to bottom, and utilize the space for storing baking supplies. Buy a modular shelf unit that will surround the drain pipe and provide a second storage level. Buy a big plastic tote for your cleaning products, and move them out of the kitchen and into a utility area.

Hang Sturdy Wall Shelves for Holding Baskets of Supplies

If you still cannot find enough room for storing baking supplies, consider vertical spaces. Walls are often overlooked when seeking new storage options. Takedown wall decor, and replace it with deep sturdy shelves that coordinate with the cabinets. Fill the shelves with lined woven baskets, and fill them with baking supplies that will fit. They are ideal for organizing cookie cutters, candy molds, cookie presses and more.

Buy a Baker’s Rack with Shelves and Drawers

Do you have a wall that is empty from floor to ceiling? When trying to find room for kitchen tools, consider a baker’s rack. Look for one with shelves and drawers. Fill the shelves with woven baskets, and fill the drawers with baking items that fit. Not only will it securely hold supplies, but it will also add beauty and style to your kitchen. It might become one of your favorite household furnishings.


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