6 Steps to a Flawless Remodeling Project

Bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms are all great candidates for home remodeling. When you see the pros do it on television, it looks flawless and everything appears to run smoothly and consistently from beginning to end. So how do they do it? Lots of tools, determination and a bit of good luck can only take you so far. Use the following six tips for flawless remodeling and get the most out of your next building project.

What’s the Value?

One of the most important parts of remodeling is getting the best return on your investment. If you’re going to pump thousands of dollars into your new bathroom, shouldn’t it at least bring that much back in return if you ever sell the place? Be sure to do your research and find out what remodeling features are going to bring you money back and which ones are going to make you take a loss when it comes time to sell.

Tight Budgets

Create a cost breakdown list and finalize your budget down to the last penny. Make room for everything you need-and then some. While a loose budget may make it seem like there’s more room for changes, it really adds to the chaos when it comes down to the final bill. Many homeowners find that they spend all of the money they needed to finish the project, on other odds and ends that they added to the budget as they went along.

Be Choosy on the Features

Every good remodeling project has one feature about the space that sets it apart from other designs. It might be a whirlpool tub in the bathroom remodel or maybe it’s the fireplace in the living room-whatever the extra, be sure that it’s not something that’s going to stand out like a white elephant. Be sure that whatever features the room has, it’s practical and it won’t go out of style a few years later.

Design for Furniture

While an open floor plan looks great on paper, when it’s filled with furniture, it’s a whole new ball game. Designing your addition, renovation or remodeling project around the furniture that you’re going to incorporate into the room is one of the best ways to get the most real-time use out of a newly remodeled space.

Clever Storage Spaces

Besides designing around the furniture, it’s also important to design around your storage needs. Space is always at a premium during a remodeling project so it’s best to take advantage of unused spaces for clever storage solutions. Be sure to design for more storage than you need, because you’ll eventually need more storage as you get older and accumulate more things.

Multifunctional Designs save Space

There’s no need to add on that extra linen closet if you really need more office space. By combining two spaces into one, you can reduce the need for additional square footage in the overall remodeling project. With the right combination of savvy storage and multifunctional use of space, you’ll save money and space to use for the parts of the renovation you’ll need the most.


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