Stylish Ways to Use a Floor Mirror in an Entryway

Create an Impressive Foyer

Large freestanding mirrors are good for more than just filling empty wall space in a bedroom. They can be used in other areas of the home, and the entryway is the perfect location. Whether the foyer is spacious or lacking square footage, a floor mirror will create a grand impression. When strategically placed, the reflective surface will make a small area appear far more spacious. A large area will have greater decorative appeal. In any case, consider these stylish ways to use one in your entryway, and give the space a dramatic new look.

Place it Against a Staircase Wall

A smaller entryway might not present many options for a floor mirror. After all, the door takes up a significant amount of space, and more than likely one of the walls is taken up by a coat closet door. The other side might open up into another room and not offer a complete wall. If it includes stairs that lead to a second level, consider placing the floor mirror against the staircase wall. It will make the opposing wall or room look larger than ever, and the stairway will beautifully crown the display.

Create a Corner Display

Do you have an empty corner in your entryway? Consider decorating the space with a floor mirror. If the foyer lacks square footage, the reflective properties of the mirror will visually expand the space. It will create interesting new angles, and it will redirect light that might be coming into the area from an adjoining room or doorway. The foyer will appear spacious and far more stylish.

Set it in Back of a Console and Lamp

If you want the entryway to look instantly larger, consider placing a floor mirror just to the left or the right of the door. It will visually double the amount of square footage, especially if floor space is lacking. To create a lighter and much brighter space, place a console or another table of the appropriate size directly in front of the mirror. Top it with a lamp of your choice. The arrangement will add decorative appeal while creating a phenomenal first impression, and it will also add practicality to space.


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