Creative Ways to Make a Forest Canopy Bed

The addition of cool colors is not the only way to create calming surroundings. Decorating and furnishing a bedroom with natural decor is also a fabulous way to create a relaxing atmosphere. Solid rustic bedding is ideal, but not for those on a strict budget. However, furniture with woodland flair does not have to cost a small fortune. You can add natural touches without making a major investment, and you do not have to be a craftsman or an interior designer by trade. Use these budget ways to make a forest canopy bed, and decorate your bedroom with enchanting style.

Combine and Attach Sturdy Branches from One Canopy Post to the Next

If you have always wanted a rustic canopy bed, your metal frame does not have to be replaced. Instead of searching store after store, begin your quest in the woods. You can make a gorgeous forest canopy bed using fallen branches. Cut, combine, and attach sturdy branches of your choice from one canopy post to the next. Secure the branches using wire, but do not just twist it around as you would secure a bag of bread. Twist and form the ends of the wires to create sculptured leaves, and create foliage by wrapping additional wires around a skewer to form perfect swirls.

Add Strings of Floral Lights

Your DIY forest canopy bed can be made even more visually appealing with the addition of floral lights. Wrap the branches with strings of LED cherry blossom lights. Choose low-voltage lighting to create a romantic or fairy-like atmosphere. The results will look nothing short of amazing, and the bed will become one of the main focal points of the room.

Wind Faux Vines around the Forest Canopy Bed

If you do not want to create a lighted forest canopy bed and would prefer a spring or summer look rather than something barren, buy gorgeous faux vines. If you still want to embellish the frame with flowers, choose wisteria or morning glory vines. Wind them around the forest canopy branches, but do not overdo it. Leave enough of the branches showing to avoid cheapening your DIY design. The beauty of your bed will surpass anything available in stores.


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