Foyer: Early Spring Decorating Ideas

Some of the first signs of spring are early bulb flowers, songbirds and budding branches. As the world outdoors slowly comes back to life as temperatures rise, your foyer can be revitalized as well. Pack away winter décor, and come up with something fresh and lively. Use these early spring decorating ideas for the foyer, and brighten the space in beautiful new ways. It can look just as vibrant as the exterior of your home as life begins to return.

Live Floral Blooms, Branches and More

Display Pretty Pots of Forced Spring Bulbs on a Washtub

Discovering bulb flowers that have pushed through the soil is a welcome sight, and it is one that can be enjoyed indoors. When looking for early spring decorating ideas for the foyer, buy pretty pots of forced spring bulb flowers. They are readily available in grocery stores and garden centers, and they can make the dreariest space welcoming and incredibly vibrant.

Instead of displaying potted bulb flowers on a shelf or another ordinary surface, place them on an overturned galvanized washtub. Use it as a low indoor table of sorts. Once the danger of frost has passed, plant the bulb flowers outdoors according to plant marker directions. Save the galvanized tub for further decorating projects indoors, or use it as a unique planter on a deck, porch or patio. Be sure to drill holes in the bottom and add stones for drainage. It can be used to hold spring flowers, vines and other summer favorites that will bloom well into the fall.

Use Rubber Boots as Vases to Hold Blooming Branches

Rubber boots that were used to keep feet and calves warm and dry during the wet weeks of fall and late winter can be turned into unique vases in early spring. They are waterproof inside and out, and they look fabulous when used to hold blooming branches in early spring. Clip off a few of your favorite blooming branches, and stick them in wet florist foam inside of a pair of tall rubber boots. They will beautify a corner of your early spring foyer in a unique and visually interesting new way.

Display Single Faux Hydrangea Blooms on Candle Stands

Candle stands are good for more than just holding votive cups. They can be used for decorating a home in a number of unique new ways. They are mini pedestals, and the uses are endless. When decorating a foyer in early spring, set up white wooden candle stands in varying heights. Top each one with a single faux hydrangea bloom. Each cluster of flowers will add beauty and amazing color to the foyer, and as the weeks wear on, the flowers can be replaced with interesting summer decor.


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