6 French Country Wall Decoration Ideas

The French Country style is a popular theme for many contemporary and traditional homes in the United States, and wall decoration options include a variety of distinct wallpaper designs, tapestries, wrought iron wall hangings and other key pieces. If you’re decorating your home in the French country style, you can replicate the look of the Provence countryside with some of these french country wall decoration tips:

Iron Candle Holders

Wrought iron candle holders are a great way to create a focal point in the dining room, living room or foyer and can be decorated with different colored candles to suit your theme. Use wrought iron candle holders to add some style to any empty wall space.

French Fabric Window Panels

If you don’t want to put up formal curtains in the living space, consider covering a window or wall with a panel of French fabric. Traditional designs include the Honey Lucretia, Pool Hortense, Cassis Simone and Blush Inez. Take a look at these French fabric styles from etsy.com for ideas and inspiration.

Wrought Iron Wall Decor

Wrought iron wall decorations are a mainstay of most French country homes and can be added to any empty wall space in the living room, dining room, foyer or kitchen. Look for wall decorations that do double duty as a candle holder, photo frames, or those that are embellished with mirrors for a unique look.

Tapestries or Canvas Art

Decorate an empty wall with tapestries or canvas art that depicts the French countryside and other scenes from Provence. Rich, warm tones are most suitable for the dining and living room, while the more colorful collections are suitable for the bedroom, foyer and family room of the home.

Antique Clocks

Whether you want to add a classic grandfather clock to the living room or a hand-carved clock above the buffet in the dining room, antique clocks are an important addition to any French country home. Large, hand-carved clocks can be added to any empty wall space and become an instant focal point of the room.

Old European Plaques

Find a set of Old World plaques or carved pictures to add some interest to any empty walls in the foyer, patio area, or even the living room. Antique plaques that tell a story of life in old Provence are perfect for both stately homes and homes designed in the casual, rustic French Country style.

When you’re decorating your home in the French country style, make sure you select the accessories found in the traditional Provence farmhouse or estate. Use some of these essential wall decoration tips to create a warm and inviting French country style home.


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