Decorating Front Porch Steps with Summer Flowers

Creative and Colorful Ways to Welcome Guests

The front porch is the gateway to the home. It should look cheerful and welcoming, especially during the summer months when flowers are in full bloom. They can be used as part of the outdoor decorating scheme, and the steps are a great place to start. Do not buy plastic flowerpots or faux blooms to adorn your exterior entryway. Use these creative ideas for decorating front porch steps for summer, and welcome your guests with gorgeous arrangements that are sure to make a lasting impression.

Spell Out a Word Using Pots Filled with Flowers

Flowerpots that are filled with beautiful flowers can be used to make a dramatic statement. Buy matching planters of your choice, and use the pots to display painted wooden letters that have been attached with jute twine. Use the planters as a backdrop to spell a word of your choice, one letter at a time. For example, a front porch with six steps can be used to spell the word summer on one side and days on the other. Leave the top and bottom planters blank to center the shorter word. Hold the wooden letters in place with a rolled duct tape or kneaded pieces of poster putty. Saying it with flowers will take on a whole new meaning when wooden letters are used as part of the front porch decorating scheme.

Create a Stair Step Garden of Metal and Blooms

Metal planters are eye-catching and ideal for a front porch with contemporary or cottage style. Choose sleek metal planters when decorating with modern style or vintage metal watering cans for a charming country look. Fill them with rich organic soil and blooms of your choice. Fill both sides of the porch steps to create an inviting passageway that welcomes and leads guests to the front door.

Recreate a Rainbow with Flowers and Foliage

Summer flowers come in every color of the rainbow, and when arranged in the order of the spectrum, they can look fabulous on front porch steps. Plant bright red geraniums, orange marigolds, sunny yellow snapdragons, green spikes, blue lobelia or forget-me-nots and purple petunias. Begin with the petunias on the lowest steps, and work your way up until every color is represented by gorgeous blooms in white glazed pots. When viewed at an angle, they will look like a double rainbow over puffy white clouds on a beautiful summer day.


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