Frontgate: Luxury Home Decor Brand

There are many places offering customers great deals, the best prices, and a varied selection; there are so many out there that it can seem maddening to try and discover which is actually “the best.” While superlatives are a metric perhaps best left to places like Wal-Mart or McDonald’s who have already seeped into the public consciousness, subconsciousness, et al; there is still the curious consumer who wants to be let in on a good deal. Let’s explore Frontgate.

Who is Frontgate?

Frontgate is an “upscale American” direct marketing company that has been in existence since 1991. Recognized more than a decade ago as one of the nation’s 500 fastest-growing companies by “Inc” Magazine, Frontgate has really taken to the Internet airwaves and now allows consumers one of the more consummate shopping experiences with their online mailers.

What is Frontgate?

Frontgate works very closely with Cornerstone Brands, Inc. (CBI) which is one of the nation’s top direct marketing firms. Taking their cue from CBI, Frontgate is able to reap the rewards of many partnerships with top names including:

  • Ballard Designs – home & garden
  • Garnet Hill – bedding, home furnishings, accessories
  • The Territory Ahead – clothing and accessories
  • TravelSmith – wrinkle-free travel clothes, luggage, and other essentials

Why Choose Frontgate?

In addition to their company credo of “outfitting America’s finest homes,” there is really a virtual panoply of items that consumers can get from a place like Frontgate. Whether it’s outdoor furniture, outdoor décor and accessories, bed and bath, kitchen and entertainment, indoor furniture, home care, storage, electronic innovations, or any of their holiday and seasonal offerings, it really does have so much to offer consumers.

Another factor working in Frontgate’s favor is the time aspect. With gas prices on the rise, working hours beginning earlier in the day and stretching on into the night, people’s pocketbooks and their day planners are pinched to the extreme. Leave it to a company like Frontgate to be there for you, in your inbox, with everything you could possibly need, before you’ve even realized that you need it.

With all the constraints in the world today, it’s tough to balance time for work, play, and family. For customers, it is made just a little bit easier. When you have the extra time from doing your gift and home shopping from your desktop, on your own schedule, you have that much more free time to devote to what matters to you the most.

Where is Frontgate Located?

Flagship Stores

  • Plano, Texas – Legacy West
  • Atlanta, Georgia – Phipps Plaza

Outlet Stores

  • Roswell, Georgia – Holcomb Bridge
  • Charlotte, North Carolina – Carolina Pavilion
  • West Chester, Ohio – Union Centre Outlet

We believe there’s no greater feeling than being surrounded by who – and what – you love. And it’s our goal to help you create a home you’ll love to live in, whether you’re entertaining the whole family or enjoying some quiet R&R on your own. From furniture and accessories to pool floats and holiday decor, we design everything with you in mind. Your life. Your style. Your family.



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