3 Ideas for Furnishing a Shelf With Vintage Kitchen Decor

Practical and Decorative Options for Vintage Kitchen

If you want to add color and charm to your traditional, rustic, or cottage-style kitchen, do it with vintage decor. In addition to decorating countertops, cabinets, and other horizontal areas with antique items of choice, add a row of wall shelves or a freestanding shelf unit. They can be filled with practical items that are also decorative. Consider these ideas for furnishing a shelf with pieces that exude old-fashioned charm. You can add eye-catching crocks, canisters, teapots, and more.

Look for Yellow Ware, Hull, McCoy and Other Vintage Bowls

When planning on furnishing a shelf with vintage kitchen decor, shop flea markets, antique stores and online auction sites for yellow ware, Hull, McCoy and other types and brands of vintage bowls. They do not have to be stamped with a maker’s mark to add color and visual appeal. Look for old glazed pottery that catches your eye before considering the name brand, especially if you plan on using the items. Your display can look as great as the arrangement in the photo.

Choose Enamel Canisters

A set of enamel canisters that once held sugar, flour, rice, coffee, tea, or other kitchen staples is also a fantastic choice. Begin by looking up deco enamel canisters. They are ideal for topping a vintage kitchen shelf. If you do not find something that catches your eye, consider French, agateware, mottled, granite, or something highly colorful from the sixties or seventies. The Internet offers a limitless array of options. Either way, if you plan to use the containers for food storage, opt for a food-safe variety.

Add Hand Thrown Glazed Pitchers

If you are not familiar with the term hand thrown, it is in reference to the way in which potters throw the lump of clay onto the wheel before shaping it into something amazing. They are not always marked, but they have amazing character. They are also highly unique. Consider adding a couple of hand-thrown glazed pitchers to your collection of vintage ware. Opt for a milk pitcher and a smaller cream pitcher of the same color and design. They will add vintage charm to your kitchen display as well as exceptional appeal.


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