Decorating a Bedroom with a Garden Theme

Botanical Bedroom Decor Ideas

A garden can be a peaceful place filled with a variety of plants, tranquil fountains, and wildlife, and it is the ideal theme for a bedroom. Decorating a bedroom with a garden theme will provide a serene place for rest, relaxation, reading, watching television, and other bedroom activities. It will become a refuge, and the following ideas for decorating a space with a botanical style will help you get started on designing the bedroom of your dreams.

Begin with Tranquil Colors


When decorating any space with a garden theme, consider tranquil colors that naturally promote relaxation. Lily Green is an outstanding choice when decorating a bedroom. The wall colors will set the tone of the space while completely changing the look and feel of the room. In the world of gardening, green is a neutral color, and it can be used successfully when decorating an indoor garden space with almost all other colors. After all, flowers come in every color of the rainbow, and their leaves never clash with their blooms.

Hang Eco-Friendly Bamboo Blinds with Light Blocking Liners


When decorating a bedroom in a garden theme, opt for eco-friendly bamboo blinds or Roman shades instead of synthetic products. Bamboo goes exceptionally well with a botanical style, and it is very easy to care for. Look for earth-friendly bamboo window treatments online, or visit a local home improvement store for many style options that can be purchased and installed the same day. Light blocking liners can be added to create a space with the ideal amount of obscurity necessary for sleeping and maintaining complete privacy.

Display a Real or Faux Floor Plant in a Beautiful Planter


A bedroom with a garden theme would not be complete without plants, and a floor plant is a fantastic option for adding natural style. If you do not have a green thumb, or if bedroom lighting is inadequate, opt for a faux floor plant that simply requires occasional dusting. Choose a ficus, a dieffenbachia, a snake plant, or colorful croton. When decorating a bedroom, opt for domestic plants instead of tropical plants for a serene and sheltered appearance. (here’s a helpful list of tropical bedroom ideas)

Embellish Bedroom Windows with Lush Hanging Garden Plants


In addition to at least one-floor plant, choose lush hanging plants to hang in front of bedroom windows. If the bedroom windows face north, opt for lacy Boston ferns. In any case, consider the amount of light the bedroom windows provide and choose hanging plants accordingly. The plants will add to the garden theme while increasing the natural beauty of the room.

Decorate the Walls with Wrought Iron Decor

Wall decor is an important part of decorating a bedroom, and a bedroom with a garden theme poses many wonderful possibilities. Consider selecting wrought iron decor to embellish walls, and opt for designs that include foliage and flower blooms. Decorate around a single wrought ironwork of art with smaller metal pieces, or select lovely candle sconces with aromatic candles that match the primary color of bedroom accessories. Light the candles in the evening when spending time in the bedroom, and enjoy a relaxing space with a botanical decor that will never go out of style.


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