5 Girl Bedroom Ideas with a Garden Theme

Having a decorative theme for your bedroom can make a room seem more inviting and homey, which will make you want to spend more time in it and feel at ease when sleeping. A girly garden bedroom theme is an appropriate option for females of all ages, as this theme can be catered to any age. Here are some ideas to help you get started in decorating a girl bedroom with a garden theme.

Garden Colors

Plain white walls are not only bland and boring, but they also can make a room feel small and uncomfortable. For a garden-themed girl room, paint the walls in colors that are typically found in gardens, such as pale blue and green or bright yellow. If you do not want to paint all of the walls, simply paint an accent wall in the room to brighten up space.

Floral Linens

The bed is essentially the centerpiece of the bedroom, so the linens used to cover it should reflect the girly garden theme. A bedset decorated in a floral pattern is perfect for a garden-themed room, as it will reflect the theme and is extremely feminine looking. For younger girls, larger floral prints are an appropriate option. For older girls and women, a bed set with dainty roses or other flowers is a more mature, age-appropriate choice. Lace-trimmed shams, flower-shaped throw pillows and a bed skirt embroidered with delicate flowers can pull this look together. Make sure that the linens coordinate well with the rest of the room decor.

Silk Flowers

While fresh flowers will make a room smell great, they simply do not last long enough to use as a long term room decoration. Silk flowers are the perfect alternative to real flowers, as they can be used year-round. Instead of displaying the silk flowers in vases, place them inside of decorative watering cans to reflect the girly garden theme. Incorporate a variety of different silk flowers within your color scheme. For example, if the room is green and blue, mix and match a variety of different green and blue silk flowers.

Wall Clings

Wall clings are becoming an increasingly popular element of home decor, as they add design and detail to wall without causing any of the damage that wallpaper does. Use floral designed wall clings to create a decorative border across the top edge of the room.

Scrapbook Floral Wall Art

You can create your own one-of-a-kind garden-inspired wall art using printed scrapbook papers. Purchase papers that have images of flowers on them, and cut out different sections of the paper to hang in ornamental picture frames. You can purchase small frames at most dollar stores, and can simply paint the frames to match the rest of the room decor.


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