Ideas for Decorating a Girl’s Bedroom in a Firefly Theme

Fairy Berries, Flowers and More

When decorating a girl’s bedroom, go with something other than princesses, butterflies, Disney characters or another popular subject. Consider a firefly theme. It is a magical option that is designed around lights, gardens and enchanted beings. It can be built upon little by little and evolve as the child grows. Use these ideas for decorating a girl’s room with lightning bugs, flowers and more, and transform her personal space into something that she will adore.

Start with Light Green Walls

Fireflies come out at night when the sky is dark, but black walls would not be ideal for a little girl’s bedroom. Go with something cheerful instead. Opt for light green walls to give the room a natural look and feel. Soft leaf green is the ideal primary color for a room with a firefly theme.

Decorate a Wall or the Ceiling with Twinkling Fairy Berries

Firefly decals and related items are not readily available, but Fairy Berries are the next best thing. They are small battery-operated orbs that seem to magically twinkle, and they can be found online. To avoid leaving obvious marks on walls, hang them from pins instead of nails. Alternately, they can be attached to finished surfaces using tiny bits of poster putty. Evenly space them across an entire wall, or hang them from the branches of a faux potted tree. No matter how or where they are displayed, they will look amazing as they twinkle and glow.

Add Floral Wall Decor, Vines and More

A firefly theme can include more than just lights. Lightening bugs love to hide in foliage, especially during daylight hours. When decorating a girl’s bedroom, consider adding floral wall decals that coordinate with outdoor decor. Add color and dimension with faux flower blooms and foliage. Pin several matching faux flower heads and leaves to the peel-and-stick stems. Add a few twinkling Fairy Berries to complete the firefly display.

Display a Realistic Battery-Operated Firefly in a Jar

Real fireflies cannot live long in a jar, but you can buy a realistic alternative. Look for a toy firefly in a decorative jar. They look amazingly real as they flutter and fly around the clear enclosure. They are particularly convincing when the surroundings are dark or dimly lit. Buy at least one for a shelf or dresser top. At first glance, it will appear to be a real firefly, and it will beautifully enhance the decorating scheme of the space.


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