4 Ideas for Glass Block Crafts with Flowers and Plants

Glass blocks especially for crafts are available in craft stores. Unlike blocks used for windows and interior walls, those for craft purposes have removable plugs for adding flowers, plants, cords and more. They are highly versatile, and after a trip to Hobby Lobby, I have been thinking of a number of creative uses. Consider my ideas for easy glass block crafts with flowers and plants, and create mini succulent gardens, unique lighted displays and more.

Faux Blooms, Live Succulents and More

Create a Succulent Garden in Glass

Glass block crafts can include beautiful flowers and plants, and my favorite live option includes small succulents surrounded by pretty polished stones. Add enough sandy soil to cover the bottom quarter of the glass block. Top the soil with small polished stones in colors of your choice. Carefully plant small succulents in the center. They might eventually grow too large for the glass block, but with proper care, they will thrive for months in a location with plenty of natural light.

Add a Single Large Faux Bloom

The latest and greatest faux flowers are larger than life. Visit craft stores and retailers that sell artificial plants and you will find dozens of extra-large options. Remove the bloom from a stem, and mount it inside of the glass block using clear drying adhesive. The glass block will beautifully highlight and frame the flower, and although it is simple, it will look phenomenal on a shelf.

Fill it with Interesting Bits of Floral Potpourri

It does not take a lot of work or talent to create glass block crafts with plants and flowers. When looking for easy glass block crafts with a floral motif, consider potpourri. It can be more than just garishly colored and scented wood shavings. Potpourri that includes dried flowers can be absolutely beautiful and highly appealing. Fill a glass block with choice flower buds and other interesting pieces. Leave the top open and the fragrance will gently fill the air.

Create Unique Vases with Colored Pebbles and Floral Stems

Colorful glass pebbles look fantastic in a glass block. Add flowers and they will look even more eye-catching and beautiful. Leave the top of the glass block open, and fill it halfway with pebbles. Place 5 or 6 artificial flowers and foliage in the block, and tie a nylon and wire ribbon around the stems. The block will serve as a very unique vase. Consider creating an arrangement of two or three blocks filled with flowers. They can be used to beautifully decorate a mantel, a dresser top or a shelf.


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