Creative Ways to Decorate Glass Bottles for the Bathroom

Budget Decor with Style and Purpose

Decorations for the bathroom do not have to cost a small fortune to look fabulous. Some of the most impressive finds are items that are typically recycled or thrown away. With peel-and-stick decals, ribbons and other embellishments, you can easily transform basic bottles into gorgeous decor. Some have practical uses in addition to decorative purposes. You can beautifully decorate and furnish a countertop, shelves, window ledges and more, and without exceeding your decorating budget.

Cover the Threads with Ribbon

The difference between decorative glass vessels and jars are the threads. Containers made especially for storage are designed with threads that hold the lids firmly in place, but they can be just as eye-catching as those made for holding flowers, lotion and more. When decorating ordinary bottles for the bathroom, hide the threads with ribbon. For best results, use nylon ribbon that is infused with wire. The nylon can be wiped clean, and unlike satin or other soft fabric varieties, once the bows are tied they will remain in place.

Replace Metal Lids with Cork Plugs

Metal jar lids are not usually decorative, especially when they include product labeling. When planning to decorate glass bottles for the bathroom, repurpose or recycle the metal lids, and replace them with cork plugs. Corks of various sizes are available in craft stores, and they are perfect for sealing decorative glass bottles and jars. If desired, stencil an initial or a design on the top of each cork using acrylic craft paint or nail enamel. Whether the bottles are used to hold an array of seashells, lotion or something else altogether, they will look fantastic on a bathroom shelf, countertop or ledge.

Label the Bottles with Peel-and-Stick Decals

Peel-and-stick decals come in many sizes and varieties, and they can be used to decorate and label glass bottles and jars. Shop online for decals that include text. They can be used to stylishly mark bottles of lotion, mouthwash and anything else that can be openly stored. For a more decorative option, store the decorated bottles on a mirrored tray. Your favorite commonly used products will look a lot better in glass than they would if they were kept in the original bottles.


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