Easy DIY Filled Glass Christmas Ornaments

Gorgeous Holiday Decor for Gifts and More

DIY Glass Christmas ornaments make fantastic gifts for those who love holiday decorating and homemade crafts. Clear glass bulbs that are filled with colorful or eye-catching items are especially easy to make since they do not require crafting skills. With a simple household tool and fillers of your choice, you can create a gorgeous decor. Use these creative ideas and come up with some of your own. The finished embellishments can be used to decorate your holiday tree, doorways and windows, and they can be given to family, co-workers and friends.

Add Small Shells to Clear Glass Ornaments

If you love seashells, glass Christmas ornaments can be used as a method of display. Select pretty shells that will fit through the opening in the tops of clear bulbs, and carefully add them one by one until they are about halfway full. If desired, add a little natural or colored sand first. It will add to the beauty and uniqueness of your DIY filled decorations.

Fill Them with Faux Snow

If you prefer to stick with a winter holiday theme, consider filling clear glass ornaments with faux snow. Plastic snow looks incredibly real, and it can be found where miniature villages, railroads and other displays are sold. Use a funnel to reduce the mess, and fill the bulbs about halfway. If desired, mix in iridescent glitter to give the snow a new-fallen appearance. Shake it up as necessary to redistribute the glitter.

Add Artificial Poinsettia Blooms

Poinsettias are iconic of the Christmas season, and the faux variety makes artificial fillers for clear glass ornaments. Snip off faux poinsettia blooms of the appropriate size, and gently push them into the openings. Do not overdo it. Depending upon their size, you should only need one or two blooms.

Fill the Bulbs with Tinsel of Various Colors

Shreds of tinsel are gorgeous when illuminated by the lights of the holiday tree. They can look just as lovely when used as fillers for clear glass Christmas ornaments. Fill the DIY bulbs with at least two different colors. Add the strands one by one to create a mixture of well-spaced hues. Hang the decorations where they will be touched by light for beautiful DIY holiday decorations that will look great year after year.


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