Handbags – Your Favorite Fashion Accessory

A fashionable louis vuitton handbag always sets the women crazy.

Women are crazy about handbags and with over 25 variations of them, you surely have one for every occasion. While some call it a prerequisite, others consider it as an essential accessory. One sees them carting their shoulder bags to work, nightclubs and gyms. Often women look under-accessorised due to the lack of a perfect. With mismatched bag, they surely lose their complete charm. However, this edition will reveal certain crucial tips about how you can make transform yourself with a perfect handbag and hints to pick up the right bag for each occasion because more than a necessity, handbags are about defining your persona.

Before entering the fashion protocols for handbags, one should know about the two important segments of bags sheathed by night and day fashion.

Office/ Day Handbags

As corporate women have a lot of outings, their bags needs to be functional and fashionable at the same time. The below mentioned are a women’s list of go-to bags. Be it for office or shopping, we have a day bag for each and every event.

Tote Handbags

Popularly known as beach bags, these handbags can house anything and everything that a normal woman would need. While beach lovers love these bags to accommodate their sunblock and towel, the open angle allows you to stuff in goodies without any difficulty.



Structured bags with double handles. These are specially made for working women. It is big in size and allows you to carry money, makeup, lunchbox, documents and other accessories, without having any issues for space.


Bucket Bags

Spacious and bucket shaped, the bucket bags feature a single handle and can be worn over shoulder or carried in hand.


Hobo Bags

A perfect crescent shape, classic handbag! These bags are perfect for weekend gateways and outings.



Like clutches, the wristlets feature a short strap, which one can easily wrap around their wrists. Available in beautiful patterns and plethora of shades, you can definitely find one which will suit your dress, occasion and mood.


Sling Bags

These bags are perfect for students and teenagers. Worn across the body, they add to the fashion statement of the adorner.


Evening Handbags

They are conserved for formal occasion and parties. Since they are fancy in appearance, they are smaller in size, in comparison to day bags. Evening bags are important to complete your fancy look.


It is a small size purse without strap, to accommodate your essentials like phone, personal stuff and cosmetics.


Envelope Bag

A strapless bag to carry small items! It is perfect for dinners and movies.



An ornamental clutch case, decorated with gems and rhinestones!


Craze for Handbags!

While girls and women crave for handbags, social media and online stores add fuel to their mind by presenting them with an elite range from time to time. Scroll by the pages and you find actresses carrying the best handbags of all times. Gone is the time, when women tucked their purses in their clothes fold. In today’s time, handbags are essential and a serious style accessory. Women can happily live on toasts and beans for month and save those extra money to purchase luxurious brands of handbags.

Handbags possess the capability to complete any outfit’s look. The best part is that they can go with any outfit and suit any mood type offering a glamorous way to stand out of the crowd. The top A-listers of Hollywood and Bollywood love to flaunt a luxury handbag. This makes the fashion conscious girls and women of today to do much the same and look alike their favorite stars. Check out the online collection of handbags, you’ll surely be amazed!

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