Stylish Ways to Hang Sheers and Drapery Panels

Create Impressive Window Treatments for Your Home

Window treatments that look as stunning as a gorgeous view are easy to obtain. They do not have to cost hundreds of dollars, and they do not have to be professionally hung. It is possible to dress up your windows in amazing ways using basic sheers or drapery panels. You can even use yards of hemmed fabric. It is the method of presentation that makes the greatest difference. Consider these unique and stylish ways to hang them, and create impressive window treatments for your home.

Create Beautifully Woven Drapes

Woven fabric or sheer nylon drapery panels are easy to weave into gorgeous window treatments that are far more unique than anything found online or in retail stores. To create a beautiful woven embellishment, hang seven matching panels side by side. Fold another panel lengthwise like an accordion until it is approximately four to five inches wide. With a couple of safety pins and help from another pair of hands, weave the folded fabric in and out of the vertical panels across the top. Keep the fabric neat and somewhat tight as you move down to create two more woven rows. Pin the end to hold it in place, and follow the same procedure on the other side of the window. It is not a cheap technique since dozens of yards of fabric are required, but the results are stunning.

Use Panels to Conceal Separations in between Individual Windows

Drapery panels do not have to be side by side to look phenomenal. As the photo shows, they also look great when separately hung along a series of sunny windows. Use drapes of your choice to conceal the area in between windows that are mounted side by side. Two or more separate windows will look like a single pane of glass. The fabric panels will help to create an impressive illusion, and without having to spend a lot of money.

Hang the Rods at an Angle

Do you have cathedral ceilings that make the windows in the room seem minuscule in size? When looking for unique and stylish ways to hang sheers and/or drapery panels, hang the rods at an angle that follows the incline of the ceiling. The windows and fabric treatments will look far grander by design, even if your decorating style is anything but formal or elegant.


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