3 Ways to Use a Hanging Shoe Organizer in the Kitchen

Practical Storage Solutions and More

Door-mounted shoe organizers are not just for footwear. They are portable over-the-door storage units that are great for organizing and stowing away all sorts of things. They are perfect for the kitchen, and they can be used in many different ways. Buy a hanging organizer with heavy clear vinyl pockets, and make better use of available square footage. Utilizing the narrow area in between shelves and a pantry or broom closet door can free up space in cabinets, drawers and more.

Store Spice Packets on the Inside of a Pantry Door

Spice packets, dressing mixes and other small packages can take up a tremendous amount of space on pantry shelves. Mount a hanging shoe organizer inside of a kitchen pantry door. The clear pockets will make it faster and easier to find what you want and need. It is a great alternative to thumbing through baskets or other shelf-top organizers for spice envelopes, gravy packets and other mixtures in small packages. Arrange them alphabetically and they will be even easier to find.

Grow Dozens of Fresh Herbs on a Sunny Wall

The kitchen windowsill is not the only place that you can successfully grow fragrant herbs. If you have a bare wall that receives plenty of sunlight, you can grow dozens of fresh herbs. Use a hanging shoe organizer with sealed vinyl pockets. In addition, buy a narrow deck rail planter in a coordinating color. It will serve as a catch basin beneath the hanging planter. Add soil and basil, oregano, chives and other herbs that you use to season food. Not only will it serve a valuable purpose, but it will also become the focal point of the kitchen.

Store Small Bags of Chips, Dried Fruit, Nuts and Other Lunchbox Snacks

Do you regularly pack lunches for yourself and/or for family members? You can create an over-the-door lunch packing station that begins with a hanging shoe organizer. Hang it over the inside of a food pantry door, and fill the pockets with snack-size bags of chips, dried fruit, nuts, cookies and more. The pockets can also be used to hold plastic utensils, napkins and other items for hot and cold lunches on the go.


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