3 Hedge Apple Ideas to Decorate a Porch

Unique and Colorful Late Fall Arrangements

As autumn days become cold and border in winter, hedge apples begin to fall along rural roads in the Midwest. Also referred to as Osage oranges, they are about the size of a grapefruit. They are a gorgeous shade of green and look nothing like apples. They are also textured, unlike any other fruit. Many use them to create gorgeous November displays. Try one or more of the following three terrific methods to decorate your front porch, and welcome winter as well as guests in a unique and colorful way.

Top a Filled Bushel Basket with Hedge Apples and More

When creating an outdoor display in a large basket, it is not necessary to fill it with choice decor. Save time and money by using a filler that will take up unnecessary space. The items on the bottom would be hidden by those on top anyway. It will be much more impressive when it appears to be filled past the brim.

Begin by filling the bushel basket two-thirds of the way with bricks, large stones, or other heavy weatherproof items. Besides taking up space, the stones or bricks will prevent the basket from blowing over or completely off of the porch. Top the filler with a piece of black landscaping fabric. It will allow moisture to drain right through it. Top the fabric with several bright green hedge apples, small orange pumpkins, and a few white pumpkins. Push fresh pine branches through the openings, and strategically arrange several pinecones on top.

Fill Planter Boxes with Faux Holly Branches and Osage Oranges

If you have planter boxes on your porch that was once filled with beautiful foliage and flowers, fill them with late fall decor. Top the soil with a mound of freshly fallen hedge apples. If the boxes are wide enough, create two staggered rows. Push faux holly branches with bright red berries in between them. They will add a splash of color to otherwise dismal surroundings in-between seasons.

Line Up Colorful Pots of Hedge Apples on Wooden Porch Rails

If you have a wooden porch with side rails, do not leave them bare. As fall is coming to a close, fill six-inch glazed pots with hedge apples. Chose pots of different colors for a gorgeous display. Place one piece of fruit in each pot. From a distance, they will look likes mounds of foliage, and up close they will look amazing.


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