3 Creative Ways to Add Hidden Fragrance in a Bathroom

It Can Smell Good in Unapparent and Stylish Ways

The bathroom can be the smelliest room in the home, and not just for obvious reasons. Shower and bathtub drains that have been improperly installed can be a source of odor. The space might also smell musty, damp, sweaty and dirty at times, even when it is sparkling clean. Use one or more of these creative ways to add hidden fragrance in the bathroom. It is possible to make it smell good without advertising gel air fresheners and other products with labels.

Apply Essential Oil to the Inside of Tissue Paper Rolls

Hidden bathroom fragrances are desirable for a number of reasons, but whether a person is trying to conceal a piping issue or simply trying to make the space smell good without compromising the style, alternatives to commercial air fresheners are often ideal. Essential oil is concentrated and highly fragrant, and it can be used in unapparent ways. Apply essential oil in a scent of your choice to the inside of cardboard tissue paper rolls before they are placed on the holder. Each time the roll is spun it will release a pleasant hidden fragrance.

Decorate with Eucalyptus Branches

Natural methods are often best when trying to add hidden fragrance in a bathroom. Consider decorating the corner of a countertop or the center of a shelf with a vase of eucalyptus branches. If horizontal space is a concern, place a narrow pedestal in an empty corner. Add color with faux flowering branches. Place them in between the sprays of dried eucalyptus. When the odor is no longer detachable without sniffing the leaves, dab them with essential oil. The display will look and smell fantastic.

Make a Decorative Scent Jar

Scent jars are very easy to make, and they can be used to add color and fragrance to a smelly bathroom. Top a quilted pint-size canning jar with thin cotton fabric instead of a metal lid. Before attaching the ring that will hold it in place, dot cotton balls with essential oil in the scent of your choice and arrange them in the jar. Have fun experimenting with combinations of scents. For example, add drops of vanilla essential oil on half of the cotton balls, and use musk on the rest. The fragrance will seep through the fabric, and the jar will look like a colorful part of the decorating scheme.


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