4 Creative Ways to Hide Reed Diffusers

Scent with Personal Style

Reed diffusers might look better than gel air fresheners, but not everyone finds them appealing. They do not coordinate with every decorating style, and some people consider them ugly. Although they are nothing more than absorbent canes in a bottle of fragrant oil, they can be transformed into something far more stylish. Use these creative ways to hide the reeds, and continue to fill your home with fragrance while concealing the source of the scent.

Tie Peacock Feathers to the Reeds

If peacock feathers are more your style, use them to hide plain reed diffusers. Use thread of the appropriate color to secure the feathers to the reeds. They do not have to be tall to look phenomenal. On the contrary, they should be just a few inches longer than the sticks. They will serve double-duty since they will add color and flair to the space around the container.

Use a Wall-Mounted Bud Vase to Hold the Oil

When decorating with reed diffusers, keep in mind that you do not have to use the original container to hold the oil. Pour it into a wall-mounted bud vase for something more decorative. Secure faux flower stems to the reeds before placing them in the oil. The sticks will add more support to the stems, and they will effectively hide the absorbent canes. Consider adding color to the display by placing small glass pebbles in the clear container of oil.

Create Cute Mini Flags with Washi Tape

Instead of trying to hide the reed diffusers, consider changing them. They can be transformed into eye-catching miniature flags. Wrap washi tape in a color and design of your choice around the top of each stick. Use a small pair of sharp scissors to create triangular flags. What used to look like a bottle of sticks will become a tabletop work of art.

Turn the Reeds into Faux Flower Stems

A container of reeds can be turned into a bouquet of gorgeous faux flowers. Choose the blooms according to the size of the reeds as well as the accent colors in the room. Simply remove the heads of the flowers from the stems, and push them onto the tips of the canes. Leaves can be attached with a little hot glue. Either way, the arrangement will smell as great as it looks.


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