Home Design Ideas to Start a Beautiful Day

These home design ideas will help you get up on the right side of the bed and find a morning routine that works for you.

Brighten up to wake up!

We typically like to use soothing, neutral hues in the bedroom. But if you have no trouble snoozing and a lot of trouble waking up, try incorporating bright pops of color. Whether that means painting your walls a sunny shade of chartreuse or simply adding bold accents, color can go a long way in affecting your mental and physical behaviors. To brighten up to wake up!

Home Design Ideas
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Morning Ultimate Essentials

There are certain things you want by your bedside when you go to sleep (a glass of water, earplugs, etc.). But what about your morning essentials? Fresh flowers or a plant will stimulate your senses in the early hours or an activating eye mask can help bring those tired eyes to life. When it comes to getting ready, some sort of vanity where all your products are laid out neatly can really help eliminate some of the stress of finding the proper beauty tools. And let’s not forget the three ultimate essentials: keys, wallet, phone. Place your things in a catch-all tray by the door or hang them on a stylish set of wall hooks so you can always find them when it’s time to leave in the morning.

morning ultimate essentials

Design Elements of your Wardrobe

Sometimes getting out of bed and showering is the easy part. But when it’s time to get dressed, the bed starts calling your name again. Does this sound like you? For many people, clothing dilemmas are a daily disruption to their morning routine. But the root of the problem might be coming from the closet. Start by eliminating clutter then tackle the organizational elements of your wardrobe. Arranging your clothes by color, type of item and even the season can make getting dressed a lot easier. And of course, we recommend choosing your outfit the night before and placing it in a designated spot in order to optimize the flow of your morning.

Home design ideas for your wardrobe

Allow the Morning Light

Natural light is one of your body’s cues to wake up. So if you’re letting your light-blocking shades cover the windows all morning, you’re probably going to feel a little groggy. Consider investing in a motorized shade. They can be activated using a remote control or you can set a timer to raise your window shade at the same time your alarm goes off. If this isn’t an option, try cracking open your curtains or blinds right after you get out of bed every morning and allow the morning light to flow in and help you rise alert and ready to take on the day.


Set up a Spot in your Kitchen

The smell of fresh coffee roasting in the morning is a natural stimulant. But most of us don’t get to that part of our routine until long after we get out of bed. If you’re waiting till you’re at work to get your caffeine fix, then the first step is making coffee or tea at home instead. And while you’re at it, you may as well eat breakfast (aka the most important meal of the day). Set up a spot in your kitchen where all your morning sustenance essentials can live (it helps to have a good-looking french press, teapot or coffee maker and a few mugs that you love). Then, prep your food and drink every night before you go to bed so you only have to push a button, pour some water or pop toast in the toaster in the morning.

kitchen design ideas

Relaxing Area in your Bedroom

When you wake up at the last possible minute, you’re setting yourself up for a frantic day. So instead of hitting snooze ten times, make room in your routine for a few personal moments. It’s important to get out of bed soon after your alarm goes off, so set up a relaxing area in your space where you can go before getting ready for the day.

Add a settee or bench to the end of the bed or a cozy chair in the corner of your room where you can snuggle up with a throw, drink some coffee and catch up on reading. Or if you need something a little bit more active, set up an area where you can layout a yoga mat, stretch, and meditate. A special, well-designed space to start your day can make the prospect of waking up a whole lot more exciting.

Relaxing area in your Bedroom


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