Inspired Home Decor From Famous Artists

Have you ever stared at a piece of art, so mesmerized by it you find yourself wishing your life could resemble it in some way? We’re pretty familiar with the feeling and since art and design go hand in hand, incorporating the spirit of an artist’s work into your space can bring that much-loved piece of art to life.

To help you blur the lines between art and design in your home, we came up with a few of the most iconic names in the history of art and the home decor to match their greatest works.

Pablo Picasso

No need to feel overwhelmed by good ol’ Pablo’s sharp angles and vibrant shades. Picasso offers so much to get inspired by. He was a multi-faceted artist who worked in many different manners over the course of his career, although his bold Cubist style is what he’s famous for. Modern pieces that incorporate geometric shapes, patterns, and vibrant colors will help you get the Picasso to look in your space.

Andy Warhol

The prince of pop art, Andy Warhol is more than just an artist – he’s a cultural icon (who clearly had a thing for bananas and Campbell’s soup). With a background in advertising, his work has shaped the way art is used as a commercial vehicle for the consumption of media and pop culture. In the height of the mod ’60s, Warhol’s ‘Factory’ gang of beautiful muses and talented artists and musicians were the people to be and be around. To this day, Warhol’s mix of celebrity culture and artistic expression continues to inspire a certain ‘look’ that’s mega-cool and modern. Transform your space into Warhol’s Factory with pops of color, edgy design, sleek psychedelic pieces and an overall vibe that makes you want to prance around like you’re Edie Sedgwick.

Claude Monet

The Impressionist movement is largely characterized by Claude Monet’s painterly landscapes and muted oil pieces featuring water lilies floating peacefully in Paris ponds. It’s hard not to feel at ease when staring at one of these beauties, so incorporating the work of Monet into your home will give you a space of quiet serenity and organic sensation. The elegant, french-inspired decor and neutral blues and greens will transport your space to one of the finest hours in the history of art.

Salvador Dalí

Escape reality and travel to the subconscious world of Surrealism with Salvador Dalí inspired pieces. Every material object takes the form of something else in this creative space; your couch will double as a pair of lips while a vase is a face and a table has horns. Think furniture and decor that takes on strange shapes, fuses with animals or people and get’s your imagination moving. If it looks like something from a twisted dreamland, you’re headed in the right direction.

Rembrandt van Rijn

Rembrandt, the unparalleled master of the Dutch Golden Age of art is considered one of the greatest painters and printmakers of all time. His rich colors, attention to detail, and characters draped in heavy chiaroscuro (heavily contrasted light and shadow) are just a small part of his infamous works. For a time, Rembrandt lived a considerably luxurious lifestyle and surrounded himself with ‘curiosities’ such as animal bones, books, costumes, maps, etc., to use as models for his art. Think rich, Baroque materials and motifs, antique books, maps, curious items, and furniture with signs of age and history.

You may only be able to bring a print of your favorite painting home from the museum but if you’re longing to live an artfully-inspired life, the right pieces of furniture and accessories can help transform your home into a perfect reflection of that print hanging on the wall.

If you need help turning your space into a personal museum, get ready to flex your creative muscle and start your design project with Wohomen room ideas!


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