Creative Home Office Storage Ideas

Decorative Methods for Storing it All

Home offices vary greatly, but everyone requires storage space. Depending on the profession, people need places to store everything from files to crafting supplies. In any case, open storage is often the best option. Everything can be found at a glance, and closets and other built-in spaces and additions are not required. It does not have to look like a mess, even if it is not meticulously organized. You can use unique decorative methods for storing it all.

Opt for Wall Mounted Floating Shelves and Freestanding Shelf Units

In a home office with bare walls and minimal closet space, opt for wall mounted floating shelves and freestanding shelf units. They do not have to be made from top-of-the-line materials, but they should be sturdy enough to hold what you need without sagging. Secure freestanding shelving to wall studs to prevent accidental tipping. Floating shelves are ideal because space is not wasted by brackets and other hardware. They look much better too.

Use Basketry to Organize and Store Odd and Ends

Baskets are perfect when using open storage in a home office. Everything from paper to crafting supplies can be stored in baskets. Buy basketry that will take up the height of the shelving to make the most of available space. Use drawer inserts to create dividers in the baskets, and stack them when necessary.

Make Open File Holders Using Sturdy Stacked Boxes

Expensive file boxes are not necessary when setting up open storage space for papers and paperwork. Buy or find sturdy narrow boxes of the same size. Cut off the flaps and wrap them with wallpaper, peel and stick Contact brand paper or wrapping paper. Glue the boxes together to create a single piece. They will work just as well and look even better than anything available in stores.

Reuse Disposable Containers for Home Office Storage

Consider all of the disposable containers that you throw away or recycle on a weekly basis. Clean and decorate them with wallpaper or other decorative paper, and use them to opening store everything from paperclips to pencils. Save disposable wipe containers and others that will work to hold items that you require. Repurpose what you can, and save money whenever possible when setting up your home office.


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