Unique and Easy Homemade Key Chain Ideas

Key chains come in just about every theme, color and style imaginable from cheap metal initials to Swarovski crystal designs. In any case, they do not last forever. They take a lot of abuse in pockets and bags, as well as when they are in use. They eventually have to be replaced. Instead of buying something from a store, consider coming up with unique and easy homemade options using the following ideas. They will get you started on creating something truly exclusive, and your designs will be cheaper than similar items from retail stores.

Craft Your Own Key Rings for Gifts and More

Create a Natural Tree Branch Key Chain

It is easy to create a homemade key chain like the one in the photo. Find a fallen branch of the appropriate size, and use a hacksaw to cut off a thick even wedge. Without removing the bark, sand both sides using coarse sandpaper. Follow up with fine-grit sandpaper for a smooth finish. Drill a hole along the edge, and attach a metal ring. If desired, add a monogram to one or both sides with a wood-burning tool or a stencil and paint. Finish by coating it with a clear acrylic sealer.

Decorate Braided Ribbons with Beautiful Glass Beads

If the wood is not your style, consider creating something more colorful. Braid three narrow ribbons in colors of your choice, and leave two or three inches dangling at one end. Decorate the strands with beautiful glass beads. Complete it by threading a metal ring through the braided end. If you know how to braid more than three strands, do something a little fancier. In any case, it will serve a valuable and stylish purpose.

Make Unique Key Chains Using Refrigerator Magnets

If you cannot find the right key chain, look for refrigerator magnets. You might find something ideal that can be turned into a homemade ring for holding your keys. Remove the magnet and drill a hole to accommodate a metal ring. If blank back ruins the appearance, cover it with plastic or glass beads. Attach them with clear-drying epoxy to keep them securely in place.

Use Eye-Catching Plastic Buttons

Big decorative buttons can be used to create fantastic homemade key chains. Choose two large flat plastic buttons of the same shape and size. Glue the backs together and attach a chain with a ring to the side using clear-drying epoxy. With the huge number of buttons available in craft stores, the options for homemade key chains are limitless.


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