How to Refurbish a Wooden Accent Table

Flea markets and thrift stores are a great way to find wooden accent tables for cheap. But how do you get them to fit into the decor of your home? Here are a few ideas on how to refurbish a wooden accent table.

Sand, Prime and Paint

When finding a wooden accent table to refurbish, keep in mind that shape is the most important feature. Paint can fix any ugly color imperfections. Carefully sand away any rough areas of the table surface with sandpaper sheets. Prime the entire table. Once it has dried, paint the table. Spray paints, brush on paints, and roller paints all work well. Choose one, two, or even more colors to create a design that works for your space. Once the table has dried fully, you have a creation that is not only customized but looks great!


Monogramming is a hot trend in home decor right now. Why not create a custom monogram accent table? Use lettering stencils to create your monogram. These can either be made with a computer and printer or purchased at a local craft supply store. Fill in the monogram design with a paint pen to complete the look.


Scrapbook stores are full of hundreds of different prints of paper. Choose a pattern or two to decoupage onto your accent table. Trim the paper and arrange it on the table where you would like it to be. Apply a thick coat of Mod Podge or other types of decoupage glue to the back of the paper. Adhere the paper to the table, smooth any wrinkles or bubbles, and let it dry fully. Next to paint, decoupage is definitely the least expensive option when refurbishing an accent table.


Craft stores are full of inexpensive embellishment pieces for a wooden accent table. Consider any type of scrapbook embellishment a great option. Metal pieces used in jewelry making or glass beads are also a wonderful choice. Or, paint wooden cutouts to match your table. Apply the pieces to the table with hot glue or epoxy glue.

Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals are also a very inexpensive way to dress up a wooden accent table. These come in a variety of different sayings, designs, or themes. Use a favorite quote or even your family name. Find vinyl decals either online or at your local home improvement store in the wall paint section.


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