How to Repurpose Oatmeal Containers

Stylish Canisters for Gifts, Storage and More

Oatmeal containers are sturdy and ideal for holding all sorts of household items, including rolls of toilet paper, crafting supplies, and anything else that will fit. They also make great gift boxes. The canisters are well worth saving, and they can look like designer works of decorative art. Start collecting them instead of throwing them away or tossing them into the recycling bin. Use these easy ways to add color and style. No one will realize what they were before they were decorated with paper, fabric, and more.

Use Burlap to Create Old Fashioned Holders for Cookies

Burlap has a rustic, old-fashioned look, and it is ideal for wrapping plain containers, including those made of heavy cardboard. Wrap the base as well as the lid with pieces of burlap. The burlap does not have to be evenly trimmed since it is supposed to look rustic. Attach the fabric with hot glue. Decorate the covered canister further with a bow made from raffia or paper twist in a color of your choice. Use the container to hold homemade oatmeal cookies. They would make a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Knit or Crochet a Cozy Covering

If you know how to knit or crochet, create cozies to cover empty oatmeal containers. Use a circular knitting loom of the appropriate size, or stitch one by hand. Wrap the container with colored paper if the label beneath shows through. To cover the lid, coat it clear craft glue before neatly wrapping it with coordinating yarn. Use it to hold craft supplies or a gift of the appropriate size. It would be ideal for giving a gift of gloves or a handmade scarf or hat.

Decorate the Canisters with Fabric and Ribbon

Fabric can also be used when decorating oatmeal canisters. Select a pattern of your choice and place it against the container. If the label shows through, wrap it in thick white paper first. Secure the paper with a thin layer of craft glue. Follow up with the fabric, and add a coordinating ribbon near the top or the bottom. Personalize the container with an embroidered initial. Attach it with clear craft glue. The container would make a fantastic gift container, or it could become part of your bedroom decorating scheme.


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