How To Decorate Your Kitchen With A Tea Theme

Have a Tea Party in Your Kitchen Everyday!

So, you want to know how to decorate your kitchen with a tea theme? Whether it’s because you have a cherished tea set that was your grandmother’s or it’s just because you simply love to drink tea and want a way to incorporate it into your decorating style; this article will show you how to do it.

Where To Start

Decorating starts with what you already have. All of the colors, fabrics and other accessories will be taken from your collection. If you don’t have one, your first step will be to start one. Search thrift stores, antique shops, online auction sites, flea markets etc. to find an inspiration for your room. This could be a silver antique set or a few mismatched cups and plates that you can continually add to over the years.

Once you have your collection, it’s time to decide where you are going to display them and how. Do you have a hutch? Will you need to purchase some shelving with hooks and are you going to hang them on one wall or all around the room as a border? If you have a whole set, tray and all, do you have a table that it could be the centerpiece of? There are many possibilities and it may take you some time to choose the best place where your inspiration is the center of attention.

Once you have a place in mind, it’s time to start choosing the other elements of your room.

Choosing You Colors and Style

If you have a collection of things that are alike, decorating around them will be easy. If you have teacups that feature flowers, for example, you can go with an English Garden type tearoom. If your taste for an Asian flair are portrayed in your cups and saucers, you have a set path to go on.

If a style is already there for you, choose colors from the patterns for your walls, cabinets, flooring etc. If you have a mixture of different styles in your collection, put it all together on a table and you can choose a color that ties all of it together. Or, simply go with white and/or black on all the surfaces in your room. This makes for a good foundation to add any accessories on successfully.

Finishing Touches

There are many tea-themed accessories available to finish decorating your room with. You can find porcelain hardware in the shape of teapots. You could store all of your baking needs in old, or reproductions of, antique tea-canisters.

How about having a glass cabinet to store all of your different tea packages in? Or starting another collection of something complementary like decorative sugar spoons? There are wallpaper borders available or you can stencil tea-party words like “One Lump or Two?” around the top molding of the room.

If you are decorating around a silver tea set and want an elegant look, you could keep things simple with white lace, chrome accents, crystal accessories and glass surfaces. There are even tea-carts, that you can use in place of a buffet or hutch, that can hold all of your teatime things.

How to decorate your kitchen with a tea theme all depends upon your personal tastes; whether you want a Mad-Hatter party or a demure feminine setting. The important thing is to reflect your personality in every element in the room!


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