How to Display Your Bathroom Collection

A unique way of decorating your bathroom is with different bathroom collections. Read on to learn what to collect and how to display your collection when you decorate this public space.

1. Perfume Bottles:

A great classic for collecting, perfume bottles offer one of the greatest options for theme decorating. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can purchase old crystal ones for elegance or fun ones that are shaped in everything from cars to southern belles with parasols.

In order to show them off, have shelving that matches the theme of the bottles. For classic shapes and beauty, have a few glass shelves put up. For fun ones, paint some old wooden shelving to match. A great way to display an eclectic collection is with mirrored shelves. It can be elegant or whimsical; catching the light and reflecting the colors.

2. Decorative Soaps:

Another great idea, these little treasures also come in all shapes and colors. You could even just start collecting the little complimentary soaps that hotels and motels leave in your room. This is a great way to have a personalized collection; showing everyone tiny mementos from where you have been.

There are soap dishes specifically meant to store and show off these collections but you can use almost any container that they fit in. A pretty basket where they can be arranged flat for a traditional bathroom or a big glass canister for a contemporary one, they are sure to become a conversation piece no matter how you put them out.

3. Vintage Vanity Sets:

Old vanity sets are beautiful. Tortoiseshell combs, silver brushes and inlay-ed powder puff containers; use to adorn every woman’s dresser or makeup area. Once again, there are styles available for the pickiest of tastes; from ones with camo prints to those framed with pearls. Search and you will find one that fits your decorating style.

4. Compacts:

Along the same lines of vanity trays, compacts also come in a variety of colors and styles. Collect ones from your favorite cosmetic line, or search vintage shops and thrift stores for more custom decorative ones.

These can be put in pretty baskets or lined on a shelf. It all depends on the size and look of your space.

Hopefully, these four different bathroom collections have inspired you to makeover your personal area. Decorating is all about personal expression. How you decorate this public of a room says a lot about you. Let your beauty side show!


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