How to Frame an Existing Bathroom Mirror?

How do you Make a Plain Bathroom Mirror Look Better?

A bathroom mirror is just something that hangs on the wall. It does little to make the bathroom more beautiful. And if the mirror is old, it may even have unsightly rust stains mushrooming along its edges. With stores everywhere offering a wide array of mirrors designed for modern bathrooms, you might be tempted to throw your bathroom mirror away. But mirrors in bathrooms are heavy and notoriously difficult to remove since they are glued to the wall. So before you call the glass company and spend a fortune, consider giving your bathroom mirror a fresh, modern makeover.

The solution is simple. As you would frame a beautiful poster or painting, create an elegant wooden frame around your old mirror.

How do you Make a Homemade Mirror Frame?

Measuring Mirror

If the bathroom mirror borders on the wall or ceiling anywhere, measure the length and width of your mirror exactly. The wooden frame you create will be glued over the plain edges of your mirror, reducing its apparent size. If, however, there is a space between the mirror and the wall and ceiling, you have the opportunity to make your bathroom mirror look even bigger than it really is, by having your frame protrude outside the plain edges of your mirror. Therefore, draw a line on the wall around the mirror at a distance of 2 inches. This line will mark where your frame will end. Go ahead and measure the length and width of this line instead of the mirror. If you want to be on the safe side, add 1 or 2 inches to any measurement you take, to offset any errors when it come to cutting the corners of the frame.

Selecting the Wood

Depending on your budget, you will create a simple or elegant border to overlap the plain edges of your bathroom mirror. Both options will look beautiful when they are finished. The simple, inexpensive border will match the stain or color of your cabinets, giving your bathroom mirror a modern, wooden trim. The elegant, slightly more expensive border, will look like a classic picture frame. You will find what you need at Home Depot or your local lumber store.

For a simple frame choose ½ x 4 inch plank of wood, or any size that you think will look good on your bathroom mirror. You will need four such planks, and make sure that each is long enough to fit your length and width measurements.

For an elegant frame chose 4-inch base molding or any size you think will look good with your bathroom mirror. If you intend to paint the frame, then any base molding will do. If you wish to stain it, however, make sure to buy only unfinished wood. Again you will need four pieces that are at least as long as your measurements.

Cutting the Frame

The wooden border you create for your bathroom mirror will be made of four sections that will join at the corners to form a square, like an empty picture frame. If you have a saw at home that can cut at an angle, then simply cut your wood or base molding to your measurements at 45-degree angles. You will create two pieces for the width and two pieces for the length. Remember to switch between right and left as you go. If you don’t have access to such a saw, have a store employee cut the wood or base molding for you. Many stores offer such a service for free. In addition, many stores provide a table with a handsaw and a frame for sawing at an angle. The blade of the saw moves back and forth in the frame, keeping you at a 45-degree angle. This way you’ll be able to saw the wood or base molding yourself.

Creating the Frame

Once your wood or molding is cut, cover the floor of a well-ventilated work area with a plastic sheet for protection. Next, assemble your wooden border by gluing the length and width pieces at the corners using a strong adhesive, like Liquid Nails. Let your frame dry thoroughly. When you are finished, the four pieces will have come together to form a picture frame.

You can either paint or stain the wood. If you choose to paint, semi-gloss white is usually a good color, as it will match your doors and molding. If you choose to stain, match the shade to your cabinets. It’s a good idea to first condition the wood with a pre-stain wood conditioner, then to stain the wood at least twice.

Affixing the Frame You Created to Your Bathroom Mirror

When the frame is dry, ask someone to come and help you. Begin by spreading a generous line of glue along the edge of your bathroom mirror. Next, lift the wooden border you created, one person at each side, and press it into place over the plain edges of the mirror. You will need to hold the newly-glued frame in place for a few minutes to let the glue harden. If the frame is especially large and heavy, it’s a good idea to slide something under it for support as the glue dries.

Your bathroom mirror will now look transformed, with a sleek frame to give it a modern feel. Any rust stains will be covered, and the bathroom reflected in the mirror will look like a photo in a beautiful picture frame.


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