How to Green Clean the Bathroom Quickly & Efficiently

Green cleaning the bathroom can take a little extra time and manpower–unless you make more efficient use of your time. Cleaning the bathroom is never fun, so why make it last any longer than it needs to? Follow these tips for green cleaning the bathroom quickly and efficiently.

Tips for Green Cleaning the Bathroom

Keep supplies where they will be efficient

As with most commercial cleaning products, products and supplies that are only used for one task, in one area of the house, are most efficient if they are stored in a place where they can be easily accessed. For example, if you have a special shower cleaner recipe, make up a bottle of that product and keep it in the shower, where you can quickly spray it down while you are showering. Keep a few clean cotton rags accessible in a bathroom cabinet.

Soak shower scum with baking soda and vinegar

Before you begin cleaning the bathroom, sprinkle the soap scum in your shower or bathtub with baking soda, then spray it with vinegar. Allow the solution to scour your shower for approximately ten to fifteen minutes before scrubbing it with a clean cloth. The baking soda will act as an abrasive and you will not have much scrubbing to do.

Keep green cleaning supplies in a caddy

If you are like me, you probably have green cleaning products that can be used for multiple purposes. I have an all-purpose spray that I like to use for cleaning countertops (not only in the bathroom), glass cleaner, old toothbrushes and microfiber cloths, among others. If you have more than one bathroom, or even if you use some of these items in multiple rooms throughout the house, it might be easiest to just keep it all together in a caddy with a handle.

Cut down on the number of cleaning products you use

Rather than buying separate green products or creating a special concoction for each household use, cut this number down by using one product for multiple uses. Vinegar can be used to clean nearly anything. Baking soda is useful, as well. You might need specialized products or recipes for cleaning an especially scummy shower or toilet, but you can either buy or make an all-purpose spray for everything else.

Let particularly dirty areas soak while cleaning other areas

If I haven’t cleaned the shower in a while and it has a lot of buildups, or the toilet is particularly dirty, spray it down and let it soak while you work on other areas of the bathroom. Come back to these areas when you have completed the rest of your cleaning, and they will require much less scrubbing.


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