How to Install Mirrored Closet Doors

Mirrored closet doors are an easy way to incorporate a full length mirror in a small space. Including a large mirror may also make the room appear larger. Like most types of closet doors, mirrored closet doors are easy to install for homeowners with a bit of home improvement experience.

Step 1: Measure the rough opening for the closet. Look for a set of mirrored closet doors that will fit the space. If the opening is too large, you will have to frame and drywall the opening until it is an appropriate size.

TIP: If you are dealing with a true raw opening, consider installing some basic trim around the door opening for the mirror closet doors after they are installed. This will give your project a more finished appearance.

Step 2: Measure the top of the closet opening and cut the top track to fit the space with a hack saw. Screw the top track into place, making sure to hit the underlying framing.

TIP: Make sure that the screws are properly set and do not obstruct the track in any way.

Step 3: Repeat the installation process with the bottom track for your mirrored closet doors. Be sure to align the two tracks so they will hold the mirrored closet door vertically, rather than at a slight angle. If the tracks are not aligned properly, the mirrored closet doors will not slide correctly.

Step 4: Examine the mirrored closet doors. If necessary, install the wheels on the bottom and top of the door. Some manufacturers may have already completed this step.

Step 5: Lift the mirrored doors angle them to allow them to slide onto the track. Slide the mirrored closet doors along the track, making sure that the travel along the track properly.

Step 6: Make any necessary adjustments to the mirrored doors. Adjusting the wheels normally requires turning a screw on the side of the closet door next to the wheels. If the wheels still have difficulty, try rubbing a white candle along the track. The small amount of wax that will be left behind will help the wheels slide along.


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