How to Make an Easy Floral Headpiece

Create a Beautiful Crown of Flowers

Headpieces are becoming more popular than ever for weddings and other formal occasions. Women, as well as little girls, are adorning their hair with faux flowers and flexible materials that look natural and absolutely fabulous. They do not have to come from a store. Anyone can make a floral headpiece using supplies from a local craft store. Save money and make a beautiful crown of flowers for any occasion.

Necessary Supplies

For an easy floral headpiece that looks completely natural, you will need high-quality faux flowers in a variety and color of your choice. Also needed are long strips of light brown or leaf green raffia, clear-drying adhesive, a cloth tape measure and a pair of scissors. Nothing else is required. Less is more when it comes to floral crowns. The most beautiful ones are lightweight and simple. Too many faux flowers will cheapen the headpiece. Choose wisely to create a beautiful natural crown of blooms.

Procedure for Twisting and Braiding the Headpiece

Begin by measuring the head of the person that will wear the crown. As the photo shows, it should rest lightly and comfortably just above the hairline above the forehead. Hold the measuring tape somewhat loosely while measuring. If necessary, the headpiece can be tightened up later.

Next, measure the raffia or paper twist. The paper twist is already twisted, and it will not shorten as much as raffia will during the process. If using raffia, add a few extra inches to the desired length. Also, determine whether some of the raffia or paper twists will be allowed to hang down in the back. Circular crowns or headpieces with trailing material in the back are both beautiful. Cut the material accordingly.

If using raffia, twist three strands of the material of the appropriate length until it is tightly bound. Secure it with single knots and a small amount of clear drying glue. Very loosely braid the twisted material, and end the braided area with another loose but secure knot. If strands are left to hang down in the back, carefully open the sections of twisted paper after the adhesive dries. Trim the strands as necessary. The headpiece will look better if the strands are not all the same length. Work the paper with your fingers to make the hang strands soft and flowing.

Adding the Flowers

The headpiece pictured has four flowers on each side, and one side is arranged slightly different. For the best overall look, they should not be symmetrical. Remove the faux blooms from the stems and attach them one by one with clear adhesive. Allow the adhesive to dry completely, and your beautiful floral headpiece will be ready to wear.


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