How to Make Spring Cleaning Easier

What's Missing from your Spring Cleaning Checklist?

Spring has sprung! Time to remove the storm windows, put on the screen doors and start the Spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is a tedious chore, yet the results are always rewarding. Here are some steps to help make Spring cleaning easier.

I usually prepare myself with the equipment that I need for spring cleaning. Some years the list is more advanced than others, but in general, the house usually needs a thorough cleaning of all the miscellaneous things that have accumulated during the winter season.

Put together a cleaning kit that you can tote from room to room to simplify your cleaning. The first thing you will require is something to carry it all in. A bucket works fine, or you can buy a specially divided caddy. Next, stock up on some microfiber cloths. These washable cloths work wonders on windows, and dust without leaving lint. Pack cleaners such as furniture polish, glass cleaner, disinfectant, and powder cleanser. A spray bottle of water will come in handy, as will a few sponges and some rubber gloves. This is also a good time to change your vacuum cleaner bag, check the belt, and make sure you have the attachments together.

There are a few items that will be very useful in making the Spring Cleaning process easier.

  • A checklist of what needs to be done room to room and to the exterior
  • A mop
  • Choice of cleaners
  • Brand new broom
  • New Dustpan
  • Boxes or bins for each individual in the house
  • Rags
  • A bucket
  • Leaf rake
  • Carpet cleaner either a small steam cleaner or rent one
  • Laundry detergent
  • Moth balls
  • Water hose
  • Put a new vacuum cleaner bag in your vacuum if you use the bag kind

Any Room

Take a walk around your home and observe what exactly is cluttered, dusty or greasy around your home and write down room by room. This will help you remember where you are going. Some chores may have to be spaced out to a room per day, depending on how deep of a cleaning you need or how much you need to clean.

In any room, always remember to start at the top and work your way down. This will allow you to end by vacuuming up any dust you have brushed down. Also, start at one side of the room and work your way across. This will prevent you from being sidetracked.

Living Room

Starting with the living room, if weather permits it and it is warm outside open a window. Sometimes I will shut off the furnace and let the room air out for a good five minutes, sometimes the cool air really refreshes the room. Now that the room has aired out, begin your cleaning. Start dusting from the top to the bottom, there will be no sense in starting from the bottom and working to the top as you work above you might be dropping dust balls onto your clean knick knacks. Wrap your broom in a rag and swipe down the walls, as you must be careful of some of those picture frames. Yes, you know the ones, where you bump them and they fall. If you have these, go ahead and take them down and then swipe your broom. Now you can re hang the pictures or small shelving.

Next imagine the couch and how many people have sat upon it during the winter season. Grab a large garbage bag and if your couch can remove the cushions stick them in the garbage bag and wrap the bag around the vacuum wand, or adaptor and begin to suck the air out of the cushion, which the cushion will soon squish inside of the bag. Shut off your vacuum and release the bag, the cushion will bounce back up and be fluffier then it was before. For a step farther, if your couch cushions have the covers that have the zippers remove them and hand wash, some are even machine washable. I don’t recommend drying these as sometimes the material can shrink or bind so the will never fit on the cushion right again. While the water fills into your washing machine, take ganders at the water that those cushion covers are sitting in, brown isn’t it? This is because we shed most during the winter season, and much dirt is collected upon us through out a day’s hard work at work.

Begin your vacuuming the floor now that you have dusted everything and cleaned away debris. Through the room if you can identify whose objects belong to who put them in the box with that person’s name on it and then give it to them. Again, open your window if it was not warm enough outside to allow it to remain open and then re-close it after a few minutes.

Now you can go on to the next room, or rearrange your living room, whatever you wish.


In the bedroom, start by removing and laundering any heavy bedding, slipcovers, and window treatments. Clean the room in the same manner as the living room. Using your trusty attachments, vacuum the box spring and mattress. Now is a good time to turn your mattress. Experts say pillows should be replaced every year or two, so check yours to make sure they are still in good shape. If not, get new ones.


Begin in the bathroom by flushing the toilet. When the water starts to refill squirt the bowl and rim with toilet bowl cleaner. Close the lid and allow the cleaner to sit. Throw the shower curtain in the washer with two towels and detergent. The towels will add friction to remove soap scum and hard water spots. When it is done, simply hang it back up and allow to drip dry. Scrub shower, bathtub, and sink with powder cleanser, then rinse and wipe dry. Spritz a micro fiber cloth with glass cleaner and clean handles and faucets as well as mirrors. Wipe the toilet down with disinfectant (with a paper towel) and scrub the bowl with a toilet brush. Wipe switches and handles with disinfectant as well. Scrub the bathroom floor taking care to wipe around the toilet and any pipes or corners.


In the kitchen, start by coating the oven interior with oven cleaner. Fill sink with hot water and 1/4 cup of bleach and let stand. Carefully move any appliances and sweep and mop behind them. Using your brush attachment vacuum the refrigerator coils. Discard any bad or old food from the fridge and freezer, and wipe down the inside. Wipe down large and small appliances, and wipe down cabinets and counters. Drain bleach and water mixture from sink and rinse well. Scrub the sink with powder cleanser and rinse well again. Using a clean micro fiber cloth dry the sink and polish it with glass cleaner. Wipe the stove clean with a sponge wearing rubber gloves.

Before you know it, your home will be as fresh as springtime.


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