How to Make Swirled Painted Art with Hand Sanitizer and Markers

Ordinary hand sanitizer is good for more than just killing germs. It can be used to create gorgeous swirled works of art that look like stained glass. Even those who are not artistically inclined can make vibrant paintings that are worthy of display with the help of stamps or stencils. You can create greeting cards, wall decor and more using the following easy directions.

Create Unique and Colorful Stamped or Stenciled Designs

Necessary Supplies

To make swirled painted art you will need clear hand sanitizer, markers in colors of your choice, a paint brush with a fine tip, a second brush for mixing the medium and freezer paper or a pad of disposable strip palettes. You will also need a stamp or a stencil, a black ink pad or a black fine-tip marker and cardstock of the appropriate size. Consider creating a greeting card or a small work of wall art for your first project. Plan on mounting the finished piece on a larger piece of colored cardstock using spray adhesive.

Mixing Procedure

Begin by using a marker to color a small square on the shiny side of a piece of freezer paper or on a strip palette. Immediately apply a small dollop of hand sanitizer, and use a small paint brush to stir it around and create the colorant. Use the same method to make as many different colors as you will need to create your painted and stamped or stenciled work of painted art.

Stamping or Stenciling the Design

Ink is unforgiving if you make a mistake. Since it cannot be erased or effectively covered, trace the stencil very carefully. If you plan on stamping the design, practice on a piece of scrap cardstock first. Once you have a feel for stamping, create the design that will be painted. If you make a mistake, do not give up. It can take a few tries before creating the perfect stamped or traced design.

Applying the Colorant

Painting the stamped or stenciled designs also takes a bit of practice, and unlike paint, the colorant cannot be removed or covered. Practice on a scrapped design before attempting to finish the perfectly stamped or stenciled piece. Once you get a feel for it, take your time and apply just a little at a time. You can create painted hand sanitizer art that is just as gorgeous as the design in the photo.


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