How to Make Wine Glass Charms

Use Colorful Resistors, Glass Beads and More

Wine glass charms have a purpose other than adding bling and style to stemmed glasses. They provide a way to personalize and differentiate each one for guests. When glasses are no longer in the hands of the users, they are easy to identify at a social function. You can make a set of charms for a set of beautiful crystal glasses, and pull them out before family functions and parties. Use these creative ways to make bobbles for your glasses, and provide guests with a way to tell which one is theirs.

Colorful Resistors Make Fantastic Wine Glass Charms

Do you have a handful of old resistors on hand? They are designed to control the amount of voltage that runs from one point to another, but they can be quite decorative. They can be used to make very unique wine glass charms. Simply clip the ends as necessary using wire cutters.

Before serving guests, carefully wrap the resistors around the stems of glasses. They are cheap and unique, and they make very creative wine glasses. If desired, place beads on the wires before joining the ends. They look fantastic with or without added beads.

Use Hoop Earring Parts and Beautiful Glass Beads

When looking for creative ways to make charms for wine glasses, begin in the jewelry department of your local craft store. Buy wire rings in gold or silver along with glass beads of your choice. Add the beads to the wires, and place the rings around the stems of the glasses. Although they are simple, they are definitely creative. They will beautifully decorate each wine glass, and for far less than the cost of ready-made charms.

Make Charms for Wine Glasses with Hair Bands and Glass Decor

Hairbands can also be used to make creative wine glasses. You will need silver jump rings, aluminum pop tabs, super glue and decorative glass pieces like those pictured. The finished charms look like exclusive works of wine glass art.

Begin by threading a jump ring through the open end of a pop tab. Attach another jump ring to the first one. Before closing the gap, place it around a hairband. With the band out of the way, glue a decorative piece to the aluminum pop tab. The bands will easily stretch around the bases of the wine glasses, and the finished charms will look phenomenal.


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