You’ve done your spring cleaning. You’ve organized your medicine cabinet. You’ve labeled everything from cleaning supplies to spices. And your fridge and oven are spotless.

You think you’ve really nailed this whole domestic goddess business —until you look behind your desk, your TV, or your music system.

All those cables, power cords, and charger wires are telltale signs that our plugged-in world has gotten the better of you. Not only are they a tangled nuisance, but they make it hard for you to clean, which can lead to a buildup of allergy-aggravating dust.

Personal organizer Janine Sarna-Jones, who agrees that organizing cords and wires is a major issue for many people in our modern age.

Think Wireless

The best way to organize wires is to avoid them in the first place. Before you buy any new device, consider going wireless. Wireless printers, for example, can be hidden away in closets or discreetly placed on a shelf, which may not be possible if it needs to plug into a computer.

But don’t expect one purchase to fix all your wire woes.

“Although several people are moving toward wireless technology, most look to this option only when they are renovating their space or moving into a new home or office,” Sarna-Jones says. “So, despite the new wireless technology, more often than not people struggle with a rat’s nest of wires and cords.”

Take Charge

Creating a dedicated charging station is the best way to keep all those wires in one place and under control. If you are in the market for a new desk, opt for one with a built-in charging station.

If you are working with what you already own, however, consider using twist ties or tubes (even toilet rolls attached to the back of a desk leg can keep cords together) so that all your wires are going in the same direction.

“Traditional power strips can also be switched out for power strips that accommodate different sized power adapters and plugs,” Sarna-Jones says.

Stop Cord Slip

You all know this moment. You’ve just turned off the bedroom lights, you reach around on your bedside table to plug your phone into the charger, and you realize the charger has — once again — slipped off your bedside the table and gone behind the bed. Ugh! To keep this from happening again, get a weighted cord holder that keeps your chargers where they need to be. Or, go DIY-style and clip a large binder clip to the back of your bedside table and slot the cords through the silver clips to keep them in place.

Cut It Out

If you’ve followed the tips above and still find yourself with a pile of cords or power strips, consider buying an attractive storage box with a lid. Cut a hole in the back to feed in all those wires and outlets.


“Sometimes, though, getting those unsightly wires organized is as easy as adding labels to each end of them so you know where each one goes,” Sarna-Jones says.

So, bust out that label maker. You know you’ve been looking for a good excuse.