How to Repaint Your Refrigerator

We all know that having a refrigerator is necessary to keep our food cold and fresh, but over time the outside of the refrigerator will wear down and look less than what we hoped for. When it comes to keeping your refrigerator clean looking, repainting is a good option. Making sure that it matches your kitchen will keep things consistent throughout the home, and give your kitchen life.

Don’t work hard; work smart, and the best way to do that is through careful planning. You only need to paint the front and sides of your refrigerator because no one will see the back of it. The standard color for the back of most refrigerators is black, simply because experts say that it causes the coils to radiate heat a lot better. Having the color in mind that you wish to use will save you time during the project.

It’s important that before you begin painting the refrigerator that you clean it. Over time refrigerators get dirty or may have small pieces of food stuck to the outside. Cleaning the surface will enable you to paint a lot smoother and will allow the color to last a lot longer. Removing any stains or grease is important to ensure that this happens. Water and vinegar is a powerful cleaner while remaining safe.

After cleaning the surface of your refrigerator it’s important to you seal up or sand down any cracks or rust spots. You can use sandpaper because it is the best, easiest and least expensive way to handle the problem. Once you are able to sand down the surface in these areas, you can clean it off with just a damp rag ensuring that all the debris has been removed, providing a clean smooth surface.

Prior to painting the surface, you will want to use painter’s tape to cover up the handles so that you don’t get paint on them. You can use regular masking tape if that is all you have, but because it sticks a little bit stronger it could be harder to remove once the painting is actually done. Be sure to cover up not only your handles, but any trim that is on the refrigerator so that it doesn’t get paint on it.

If you aren’t sure what paint to use on your refrigerator, you can ask someone at the paint store or at the hardware store. Not all paints are created equal so it’s best to get the advice of a professional. The surface of the refrigerator will also help to determine what type of paint you will be using, so make sure that you tell them the correct information concerning the surface before you spend your money.

Repainting an older refrigerator doesn’t have to be a chore, and can be a lot of fun. You can consult a refinishing company to get their expert opinion prior to getting started. They can recommend certain brands as well as give you an idea on the price you will pay for what you are looking for.


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